Huck Finn

I would say that Huck Finn is mediocre at best. Im not a super huge fan ,but I have read way worse. I was expecting it to be worse than it was based off the beginning of the novel but thankfully it picked up which made reading it a little less painful. I believe it does a good job portraying the themes of southern romanticism, friendship, slavery, adventure, etc. Most of the novels we have been given throughout our high school career have been rough because they fall far outside of my interests,so even though Huck Finn is only mediocre, it is one of the better ones I have been given. The end of the book actually made me really frustrated especially with Toms character. I didnt like how it ended because it never states Hucks decision for the future on whether he will stay and be adopted by the Phelps or move out west in search of more adventure. I would change this part of the ending if I could, that way readers would know Hucks fate. I believe that readers now adays should take out the lesson of how important friendship is. Also a lesson about greed can be taken out of this novel because the King and Duke were all about greed and ended up getting tarred and feathered. Greed always comes back to get you in the end. I believe it still does relate to today because of the greed that is going on in society. People are worried about benefiting themselves and only themselves. Racism is also still prevalent in today’s society much like it is Huck Finn. People are often discriminated against still in today’s society even though we have come a long way.

Part 2: For our project we decided to make a southern meal with each of the foods relating to a theme. We decided to make fried chicken, peach pie, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet tea, cornbread to describe each of the themes in the novel. These themes include friendship, slavery, southern romanticism, realism, etc. We decided that each of these foods incorporate key events in each theme. Our goal is to make a project that the whole class enjoys and thinks is unique/interesting.

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