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There are a pretty good amount of important factors in chapters 30-33. The most important is probably the fact that the King sold Jim for $40 and now Huck must go and try to get him back before anything terribly bad happens to him. The king shows just how terrible of a person he is by doing this. It proves that he would do anything just to make a quick buck. The con men are out to benefit themselves and dont care for anyone else. Its important because Twain did hint at this by using foreshadowing in previous chapters. Huck starts to see Jim as an equal in these chapters. He realizes he is no better than him and accepts him as a real friend.  Huck realizes that he really does need Jim and Jim really does need him and that they are a team. Huck also starts to realize what is right and what is wrong. He gets rid of the con men because he realizes that what they are doing is morally wrong and he doesnt want to be associated with them. Huck is starting to show that he is becoming mature. This choice leads Huck in a positive direction as a person. I believe as the chapters go on Huck will continue to show us how more mature he is becoming. We meet the new characters of the Phelps family who happen to be the aunt and uncle of Tom Sawyer, Huck’s old pal. Sally and Silas are decently welcoming considering they took in Tom who was “a stranger” but it ends up becoming a joke. The farm is a cotton farm and the family does own slaves. I feel like the farm will tie into the Southern Romanticism theme. It could be the thing that Huck and Jim are in search of. It could be the happy ending that Huck wants. He faked his death to get away from pap and widow douglas all so he could try to live the life he wanted. I believe that Huck and Tom will end up staying at the farm and the book will end happily.

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