Blog 20 IR, Twain and Finn

I liked the short story The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calavaras County, once I understood it fully. The first time reading through is hard to pick up the actual meaning of the story. Reading through I was very confused until we went over it some in class . I believe the satire used was very thoughtful and smart. It has a good meaning behind it because it makes the point that although you may be a “higher class” than someone it doesnt mean that you are better and more intelligent than them. Wealth doesnt define people. I believe it was pretty well written. I actually really enjoyed the movie trailers because i felt like I could use my creativity and show how I viewed the story to be. I would much rather do a book trailer than an AR test because I tend to forget bits and pieces of the book im reading by the time im ready to take the test. I liked that we had some time to read in class and do some activities based on our reading. I feel like having to make a trailer made me pick a book that didnt already have a movie so I couldnt accidentally use any ideas that were already being used in the actual trailer. My first reaction to Huck Finn is that it could be interesting but a little tricky to understand what is being said . I think this book is going to be about Tom Sawyer and Huck Finns friendship and adventures that they go on. Huck Finn seems to be a wild child who just cant be tamed so im sure the book will be about the crazy things he does.

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