Blog 22 4th Q IR

I chose Sue Monk Kidd as my author. To be completely honest she was my 4th pick because my previous choices were already chosen. I chose her because I like some of her quotes that she is famous for, one of which is “Someone who thinks death is the scariest thing doesn’t know a thing about life”. I feel like her quotes are deep because this particular one is saying that life isnt easy and there will often be times where you are scared and unsure what to do. Kidd’s main form of writing is novels. My favorite form of writing is novels because I feel like they are the easiest to understand so that led to my decision of choosing her. I think that her book “The Secret Life of Bees” seems interesting because the main characters mom died and her father is an abusive mess of a man. The main character believes that she is to blame for her mothers death after picking up a gun and accidentally firing it when she walked in on her parents fighting. I also believe “The Mermaids Chair” seems interesting because it is about a mysterious chair that has mermaids carved in it and is said to have been dedicated to a saint who previously was a mermaid. It is located in the Benedictine monastery off the coast of South Carolina. The main characters mother has a “tormented” past. This causes her to want to try and unlock her mothers past. The third book that seems interesting to me is “The Invention of Wings”. This novel follows 2 sisters who are abolitionists and a slave named Hetty. One of the sisters is given Hetty for her 11th birthday present. The two become friends because she refuses to accept ownership of Hetty and wants to try to let her be free. Sue Monk Kidd was born in 1948 in Georgia. Her writings contain things that are important to her such as western religion and spirituality. For her book “The Secret Life of Bees” she has won several awards for new writers. As a young child Kidd enjoyed writing and wrote for the newspaper. She discovered Thomas Merton and C.G. Jung and they were the reason for her spiritual life and writings. Her time period has an impact because feminism is starting to become popular and people are starting to form strong opinions on topics that wouldnt have been talked about in different time periods.

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Blog 21

Huckleberry Finn….a well known classic,which either means it will be extremely interesting or extremely painful to read. So far Huck Finn has just been mediocre. Its not fantastic but it could be a lot worse. I was expecting it to be a little bit more interesting but hopefully it gets better as the chapters go on. However, I do admit it is a lot better than the beginning chapters so that gives me hope its going to get better. I am not a fan of the diction because I don’t like the southern twang Mark Twain uses. I feel like you never really get a good feel for the characters when they are introduced. I dont fully understand the character Tom Sawyer because I feel as though we should have read Toms Sawyer’s book first since Huckleberry Finn was intended to be a sequel. The satire that’s included is actually kind of confusing because I cant quite pick out what hes trying to make fun of or criticize. Once I fully understand it, maybe the book will become funnier but as of now im just confused at what hes trying to get at. I do like that although Huck Finn may seem like a children’s story at first, it is actually quite dark when you think about it. I think by including Hucks dad it gives an insight on some issues that are going on still today. Huck struggles having to deal with his fathers alcoholism and it has even come to the point where he was chased around the house with his father threatening to kill him. There are children who grow up with abusive and alcoholic fathers and mothers and I think this book helps point out that it does happen and isnt something that only happens in the movies.He also points out about slavery when the genie in the bottle is mentioned and i think that comparison is actually quite clever. Slaves like genies must listen to what the master (or person who finds the lamp) wishes. The story addresses issues a lot of issues which I think is really good. Overall, the story is decent but I was expecting more.

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Blog 20 IR, Twain and Finn

I liked the short story The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calavaras County, once I understood it fully. The first time reading through is hard to pick up the actual meaning of the story. Reading through I was very confused until we went over it some in class . I believe the satire used was very thoughtful and smart. It has a good meaning behind it because it makes the point that although you may be a “higher class” than someone it doesnt mean that you are better and more intelligent than them. Wealth doesnt define people. I believe it was pretty well written. I actually really enjoyed the movie trailers because i felt like I could use my creativity and show how I viewed the story to be. I would much rather do a book trailer than an AR test because I tend to forget bits and pieces of the book im reading by the time im ready to take the test. I liked that we had some time to read in class and do some activities based on our reading. I feel like having to make a trailer made me pick a book that didnt already have a movie so I couldnt accidentally use any ideas that were already being used in the actual trailer. My first reaction to Huck Finn is that it could be interesting but a little tricky to understand what is being said . I think this book is going to be about Tom Sawyer and Huck Finns friendship and adventures that they go on. Huck Finn seems to be a wild child who just cant be tamed so im sure the book will be about the crazy things he does.

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