The beginning of the movie was rough to say the least. I found myself getting quite worried that the movie would be terrible and make me want to fall asleep. Thankfully the movie got way better as it went along. I didnt really like the credits in the beginning of the movie it just felt super weird. I also didnt like that at some parts the movie was quite confusing, there were parts that just threw me for a loop. Some of the scenes are a little too over dramatic and cheesy like when Scotty faints off the stool in the beginning. I like that the film has some mysterious aspects to it and that the music adds effect to what is going on in the scene. I feel like the addition of Midge in the film is crucial because she seems to be almost jealous of Madeline and Scotty. I think the acting is actually pretty good for how old the film is. They portray the story pretty well. I also like the sense of mystery thats added by having Madeline look at the portrait and the grave. I feel like those scenes make the movie good. I predict that Midge is going to somehow interfere with Madeline and Scottys “relationship”. She seems quite jealous and upset over what is going on because she at once was engaged to Scotty. Scotty was sent to follow Madeline for his friend since that was his wife, but instead hews hitting on her and trying to pick her up. Scotty will probably end up with Madeline in the end because it seems as though they have a special relationship. Overall I would say that the film is decently interesting, it could be a lot worse. I feel like the more you watch it the more it draws the viewer in. I expected the movie, based on the beginning, to be a lot worse than it is so im thankful that it is actually intriguing.

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