I like to surround myself with humor and sarcasm on the daily. I like to check out memes on instagram and share them with my friends. Chances are if they get a snap chat or text from me they are expecting a meme to pop up when they open it. I feel like life is so much better when you can joke around and make fun of each other and not get offended. I like shows like the office when im looking for some good humor. Also Americas funniest home videos never fails to put a smile on my face. I would say i like physical humor because something about people falling and doing stupid things really entertains me. The clip I included is a video of a guy trying to skate board but ends up falling flat on his back

I dont really know much about Mark Twain other than the fact he wrote Huckleberry Finn. I find it interesting that Mark Twain wasnt his actually name and he tried many other names before settling on it. His original name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens.

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The beginning of the movie was rough to say the least. I found myself getting quite worried that the movie would be terrible and make me want to fall asleep. Thankfully the movie got way better as it went along. I didnt really like the credits in the beginning of the movie it just felt super weird. I also didnt like that at some parts the movie was quite confusing, there were parts that just threw me for a loop. Some of the scenes are a little too over dramatic and cheesy like when Scotty faints off the stool in the beginning. I like that the film has some mysterious aspects to it and that the music adds effect to what is going on in the scene. I feel like the addition of Midge in the film is crucial because she seems to be almost jealous of Madeline and Scotty. I think the acting is actually pretty good for how old the film is. They portray the story pretty well. I also like the sense of mystery thats added by having Madeline look at the portrait and the grave. I feel like those scenes make the movie good. I predict that Midge is going to somehow interfere with Madeline and Scottys “relationship”. She seems quite jealous and upset over what is going on because she at once was engaged to Scotty. Scotty was sent to follow Madeline for his friend since that was his wife, but instead hews hitting on her and trying to pick her up. Scotty will probably end up with Madeline in the end because it seems as though they have a special relationship. Overall I would say that the film is decently interesting, it could be a lot worse. I feel like the more you watch it the more it draws the viewer in. I expected the movie, based on the beginning, to be a lot worse than it is so im thankful that it is actually intriguing.

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End of the song

Breaking down the poem by sentences and interpreting its meaning as a class through the presentations really helped me understand what the poem was about. My reaction to the poem is that Whitman gives good advice to those and has a lot of faith in society becoming better, but doesnt seem to do the things he preaches. However i like how he gives advice to society and delivers a sense of hope. That hope is that those in society will better themselves. I feel like Whitmans poem makes me want to become a better person and helps me realize that even in the rough days there is hope. I think section 52 was the most interesting because this is the section where Whitman realizes that he has been doing the exact opposite of what hes been preaching. He also comes to sense with the fact that he will be dying soon in this section. He tells readers that when hes dead you can search in his poetry to find him. His poetry will be his legacy and his thoughts. This is plain to see this poem is one of the most influential because poets nowadays are basing their works off of it. Many lessons that are in Whitmans poem are also embedded in those of the modern day. I believe it relates to today because everyone seems to be looking for ways to better themselves and find who they really are. People feel rushed to find their true identity and figure out what they are going to do in life. Another big thing is equality. Whitman expresses his love for equality in section 6. Equality is still something that we struggle with today because unfortunately not everyone has as open as a mind as Whitman. People are quick to judge others based on things they cant choose such as race or gender. As a reader I question why Whitman write this poem. Was he himself lost or was he trying to leave something for future generations to seek for advice? Did Whitman actually live his life the way he is telling readers to or did he fall short? Lastly I wonder what Whitman was in search of when writing this poem. I would say this poem is about an 6/10 because from the beginning i didnt understand it. It required a decent amount of time to figure out the meaning behind it and the poem itself was pretty long. However, I do like the message that Whitman gets across in the poem. He does a good job of providing hope for those in the future.

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