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I believe the purpose of independent reading is to allow students to read what they wish instead of being forced to read a particular book or novel. Independent reading can help improve vocabulary as well because the more you read, the greater your vocabulary will become. As a student I believe that some form of incentive would make students want to read more. Often with a lot of homework, studying and other activities reading slips students minds. The least they are worried about, especially if the dont like reading, is picking up a book.

I selected the book “An Abundance of Katherine’s” by John Greene for my first book for the 3rd quarter. I selected this book because I have read most of John Greene’s other books and enjoyed them so I figured why not. Im not exactly sure what to think after reading the first chapter. I wasnt a huge fan of the first chapter so im hoping it gets better. I believe that Colin will try to get Katherine 19 back based on the first chapter of the book. I dont really have any major concerns about creating a  book trailer.Image result for an abundance of katherines

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