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Transcendentalism….I still have no idea what it means. My initial thoughts were that I am gonna need a lot of explanation. I feel like this could be one long unit filled with struggles and possibly a fear tears of frustration. As for saying the word transcendentalism, I have concluded I am fully incapable of doing it properly. After getting a little bit of a grasp on the concept from reading the excerpts, im still not sure what exactly to think of it. Both of the excerpts game me a little bit of hassle trying to understand them, but once i understood them I believed that they are both pretty intriguing. I never really sat down and thought about the topics that Emerson expressed in the excerpts. The metaphors, when you understand them, really do help to add to the meaning of the excerpts and they are pretty cool. What he is saying I believe is true. Nature is more important and bigger than any human will ever be and it is true that when you follow others you loose your sense of self.

Im not sure if i agree with the idea of transcendentalism or not, im kinda in the middle. Humans can be gentle, sweet and caring to each other and have a lot of good in their hearts. On the other hand, some people are out to get you no matter what you do and I feel like that can kinda be qualified as evil. No human is ever going to be perfect when you look at the whole picture. The more I think about it the more I do lean towards the side of man being evil. People these days commit crimes without thinking much of it. In reality do they really have remorse for their actions or are they just afraid of punishments in store for them. These days people will do whatever it takes to get themselves ahead in life even if it is in the expense of others and i feel as though that in itself is wrong. To conclude, there is no such thing as a perfect human being but it seems as though we are leaning in the wrong direction and need society to have rules to keep from bad things happening.Related image

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