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My topic is immigration, specifically the question “is illegal immigration as big as a problem as it is perceived to be?” My side of the argument is pro so I will be arguing that illegal immigration is as big as a problem as it is perceived. Id say this is my personal opinion to when it comes to the topic of illegal immigration. I believe that immigrants should be welcomed but they should go through the process legally instead of coming here illegally. I know that there is a large amount of illegal immigrants entering the country yearly. Those immigrants dont pay taxes like American citizens must, so essentially they are are benefiting majorly. When googling this topic multiple sites pop up stating both the pros and cons of illegal immigration. The pros being economics, especially farming. Many illegal immigrants are used to farm produce. I plan on addressing both sides of the argument in my debate in order to further support my stance. Pity can be brought into the debate because people often feel bad for illegal immigrants because they are supposedly just trying to make a better life for themselves. The immigration process is often long and strenuous and many immigrants dont have the time to go through the process. They are so far into poverty they must do whatever necessary to try to turn their lives around for themselves and their families. To support that illegal immigration is bad you can hit the emotion of anger because American citizens have to pay for things but illegal immigrants dont. This is unfair to many many Americans, some of whom are barely making it by money wise. How is it proper that someone who is here legally must contribute money when those who come illegally get off free? I believe this topic can be debated strongly in favor of and against which will make it quite challenging.

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