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No matter what stages in our lives everyone is going to have differing opinions on certain topics. Often people argue with each other based on what they believe is right and just. Most arguments are based on individuals emotions. They have a strong emotion about a topic and feel the need to explain why their view is the right one to have. Often people get upset over a debate and are very one sided. Someone who is arguing for one side of a topic will often disregard the other side which is a fatal flaw. Although you may not view the other side as correct, it is valuable to state facts of the other side and try to explain why they are negative. Often extremely one sided arguments that provide no fact of the other side are easy to shoot down. The topic of abortion in the class debates was one that had a lot of emotion tied in with it. Were we really getting the rock solid facts or were we getting someones opinion in an attempt to sound like a fact? It is often hard to listen to the other side of a debate because you often already have a personal stand on the issue. Our in class debates were pretty formal. They included a constructive, cross-examination, rebuttal and conclusion. We were very well prepared (at least most of us) for these arguments but in real life there are times you often have no preparation for an argument. If you meet some guy on the street who wants to argue about if marijuana should be legalized you dont have any facts to whip out off the top of your head. This often makes real life arguments harder to fight. I personally believe that the best debate in our class was the legalization of marijuana debate between Autumn and Alexa. They both did a really good job providing facts for their side of the argument but yet still addressed the other side. They had really good questions to ask each other during the cross- examination, some of which the other couldn’t answer. When it came to the rebuttal they both proved why the other side was wrong, pointing out fallacies each other used. Their conclusions were strong as well making it extremely hard, as a listener, to decide which side had won the debate.

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I believe that my views have stayed pretty much the same over time. I still believe that illegal immigration is a big problem because it is unfair to those who are here legally. I think the most interesting fact was that the government spends 113 billion annually on illegal immigrants. I never imagined it would be such a high amount of money. I didnt know these exact statistics before researching them for my debate. gave me the information on this statistic. I believe my topic can trigger sadness, pity and anger.  People often feel anger for illegals because they indeed are here illegally and are taking things away from legal citizens such as jobs and tax dollars. It can trigger sadness and pity because of the fact illegal immigrants get housing aid when veterans and american families are left to sleep on the streets. I believe my debate topic is emotionally charged by itself because a lot of people have differing opinions on the topic. My topic is one that has a big impact on ethics. Ethics means having justice and fairness but when it comes to illegal immigration its hard to find anything exactly fair about it. One ethical argument for illegal immigration is that it gives people a chance at their dream but one against it is that legal tax payers are spending their hard earned money to pay for illegal immigrants which isnt fair. I believe emotion is most important for my topic because each person has different emotional views of illegal immigration. Illegal immigration causes many people to feel a wide variety of emotions. As said before, in my case, there is anger about illegal immigration but those in favor of it may say they feel sadness for them because they want to make a better life for themselves. I feel like there is some slippery slope against illegal immigration but a lot of appeal to emotion in favor of illegal immigration. Ive learned that when debating nobody cares about your opinion. If you put the words i or i believe in people are less likely to be persuaded. I believe in the future i wont be using any of my opinions in debates but instead using valid facts. Image result for illegal immigration

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My topic is immigration, specifically the question “is illegal immigration as big as a problem as it is perceived to be?” My side of the argument is pro so I will be arguing that illegal immigration is as big as a problem as it is perceived. Id say this is my personal opinion to when it comes to the topic of illegal immigration. I believe that immigrants should be welcomed but they should go through the process legally instead of coming here illegally. I know that there is a large amount of illegal immigrants entering the country yearly. Those immigrants dont pay taxes like American citizens must, so essentially they are are benefiting majorly. When googling this topic multiple sites pop up stating both the pros and cons of illegal immigration. The pros being economics, especially farming. Many illegal immigrants are used to farm produce. I plan on addressing both sides of the argument in my debate in order to further support my stance. Pity can be brought into the debate because people often feel bad for illegal immigrants because they are supposedly just trying to make a better life for themselves. The immigration process is often long and strenuous and many immigrants dont have the time to go through the process. They are so far into poverty they must do whatever necessary to try to turn their lives around for themselves and their families. To support that illegal immigration is bad you can hit the emotion of anger because American citizens have to pay for things but illegal immigrants dont. This is unfair to many many Americans, some of whom are barely making it by money wise. How is it proper that someone who is here legally must contribute money when those who come illegally get off free? I believe this topic can be debated strongly in favor of and against which will make it quite challenging.

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