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My article argues the fact that Orcas win the battle of apex predators over Great White sharks, but what if Great Whites are actually the winner? Great White sharks are the largest predatory fish in the world. They have razor sharp teeth that can be 2.5 inches long and are used to rip chunks of flesh off. They often attacked unseen, unheard and lie in shallow waters. Great Whites have great speed allowing them to suddenly attack their prey and they are located close to the top of the food chain. Great Whites have an incredible sense of smell and can smell blood in the ocean from far distances away. 3 miles away is the range in which they can pick up a scent. They can detect electrical signals that come from other living animals naturally. Sharks can sense vibrations as well which helps them hunt well. Great Whites don’t need oxygen in order to survive so they can stay submerged when hunting their prey. The sharks use their large powerful bodies to help attack the prey that they are after. Sometimes they go after seals but ultimately it comes down to what prey is available in their location at the time. These massive sharks can weigh between 1500-2400 pounds and can grow up to 21 feet in length! The sharks can swim up to 35 mph which allows them to quickly reach their prey. The bite force of a Great White is 4,000 psi, that is 10 times the bite force of a lion. They are also smart, the sharks tend to hunt early in the mornings when visibility is low which makes killing prey easier. Not to mention the fact that they can jump up to ten feet above the surface of the water to catch their dinner. Great Whites often are over looked on how powerful they truly are. These sharks are capable of things far beyond our beliefs. Don’t automatically assume that Great Whites are less powerful than Orca’s. Whos to say a Great White couldnt beat up on an Orca? If you dont judge people by rumors why should you judge the Great Whites from rumors? Just because some sites say that orcas are more powerful doesnt mean you should automatically believe it. Do thorough research and learn for yourself. If your like myself, you will see that Great Whites have a lot of power and are capable of many things, one of which I believe is taking down an Orca single- handedly.Image result for great white eating orcaImage result for great white


It didn’t take very long for me to start breaking the list of virtues created by our good old pal, Ben Franklin. Wednesday night my gram came in clutch and made her specialty, lasagna. She makes the best around and I pretty much ate my body weight in lasagna. I felt like I was in a food coma, so there goes the virtue of temperance. We also made some homemade sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies over the weekend and I managed to eat half of them myself because once you start you cant seem to stop. Industry was broken quite a few times, including right now, by procrastinating on my homework. Instead of getting it done right away, I found myself on the couch taking naps. After I woke up from my naps, I searched for any excuse possible to dodge doing the work. So here we are once again, 8:57 at night (which is early for me) doing my homework. The cleanliness virtue was broken too because I decided I was too lazy to put my clean clothes away, so I sat them on the chest at the end of my bed. Who knows when i’ll actually get the motivation to fully put them away. Maybe tomorrow maybe the day after that, who knows. Even when I do decide to put them away, more seem to magically appear. I swear its a repetitive cycle of clothing. Don’t even get me started on Order because 99% of the time my decisions are spur of the moment. I find myself never setting specific times for things or making lists of things that need to get done. I found myself randomly deciding to binge watch Christmas movies on Saturday when I should have devoted that time to getting around because we had to be in Hershey that night. Frugality is one that I will probably always struggle with. Do I really need that pair of Uggs, that Northface jacket, or those leggings? No, but I want them. I find myself buying things, wearing them once and never wearing them again. Even worse than that, when I clean out my closet I often find things new with tags that I just refuse to wear. The question “why would I even buy that?” floats through my mind in situations like those. I honestly thought that it would be easier to try to follow the virtues. I obviously proved to myself that I am far from perfect, but then again who really is? Everyone makes mistakes and everyone does things they aren’t proud of, but that’s what makes us human.Image result for spending money