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I decided to choose the 6 word story “Longed for him, got him, shit”. I decided to choose this 6 word short story because I just thought the concept of it was funny and decently relatable because a lot of people today find other people on social media and when they finally “get them” like they wanted they turn out to be completely different than they had hoped or expected. I decided to base my story around a senior in high school named Julia who had transferred to a private school, in a different country, in hopes of perusing her dance career. This private school has an advanced dance program making it one of the most desirable schools in the world for aspiring dancers. When Julia arrives she realizes that everyone at this school is too stuck up and snobby to be nice to her except for one girl named Carly and one guy named Max. She instantly draws a liking to Max but a fellow dancer who is super rich and popular by the name of Rachel is dating him. Rachel treats Julia horribly and tries to ruin any friendship she has with the Max. Max starts to ignore Julia due to the request of Rachel. Eventually Max breaks up with Rachel but once Julia starts to spend time with him she realizes she needs to get rid of him and fast. He turns out to be a super big jerk and not anything like he had portrayed himself to be. I feel like the the 2 plot diagrams really helped me to develop an idea for characters, setting and the overall theme of the story. I’m the type of person who usually makes everything up as they go, but I feel as though the plot, setting and character development helped me better plan what I was going to write about and I feel a lot more prepared going into writing the story.  The character development was extremely helpful because I didn’t have an exact idea of the personality traits of my characters, all I knew was that there was going to be an innocent new girl and a preppy snobby girl trying to make her look bad so she couldn’t get to the guy she wanted.  Overall, the process of story development has changed my initial concept quite a bit.Image result for ballet highschool

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