Defending a theme

“You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world…but you do have some say in who hurts you. I like my choices.” The Fault In Our Stars is full of hope, happiness, sorrow and heartbreak,with the underlying theme that making memories with someone is worth the pain of losing them. This important theme is established through setting, characterization and presentation.

We are first introduced to the protagonist Hazel Grace Lancaster, better known as Hazel Grace. Hazel, a cancer patient, fears getting close to anyone because she knows her possible death would hurt anyone close to her. She often refers to herself as a grenade just waiting to explode. Eventually, Hazel starts to let herself get close to a boy who she had met at support group, Augustus Waters. She expresses her fears that she could die anytime and she doesn’t want to break his heart, but Augustus doesn’t care about the possibility and just wants to live his life with her. In the end, it turns out that Augustus would be the one experiencing death from cancer. Hazel looks back and realizes that although she experienced the heartbreak of his death, she was thankful that she let herself fall in love with him. This realization helps build the theme that making memories with someone is worth the pain of losing them. The setting also helps build the theme because Augustus and Hazel travel to Amsterdam in hopes of making memories with each other .They go on dinners and spend nights out on the town enjoying each others company while they still have the chance to. The point of view in this movie is also important because it is told through Hazel. Viewers are able to understand her thoughts and feel her pains, but also see how special the time she had with Augustus was.

There are multiple themes that could be picked out within The Fault In Our Stars, however I believe that the major one is that making memories with someone is worth the pain of losing them. The whole movie is focused around Gus and Hazel making as many memories as possible while they still have each other. Thanks to characterization, setting, and presentation viewers are able to pick out this important theme being conveyed.Related imageImage result for the fault in our starsImage result for the fault in our stars

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