A week of notes

I actually didn’t mind having almost an entire week of notes. The notes definitely taught me some things that I didn’t previously know. For example, I didn’t realize the climax was when the readers starts to loose emotional connection to the story. I also learned that the antagonist isn’t always the stereotypical “bad” guy. Instead, the antagonist is described as someone who works against the protagonist. Also going alone with the previous statements, I learned that the protagonist isn’t always the “good” guy. The protagonist is just whose story is being told. Also with the help of the notes, I have a better understanding of why some stories seem to “plateau” keeping readers in suspense. This plateau allows there to be a sequel or even multiple sequels. For example, the book “A Child Called It” leaves the readers in suspense, so they are almost forced to read the books after it. The first book was so good readers expected the next one to be equally as good, but I discovered the second one was quite disappointing compared to the original. However, I still ended up reading the 3rd book because I had such high hopes that maybe the 2nd one was a mess up and the 3rd would be equally as good as the first.  The author did a really good job of getting readers to buy/read the sequels. The notes also made me realize how plots are just slightly changed in order to create a different story all together. An example of this is all the Nicholas Sparks books.  Also, most Adam Sandler movies are just spin offs of each other.

Overall my second week of school was better than my first. Trying to get adjusted to getting up so early every morning is still difficult but should get easier as I get back into the swing of things. The amount of work and homework is picking up, but that is to be expected. Regular season field hockey games finally begun this week so that was a plus because the whole team was getting sick of the preseason drag. Hopefully week 3 will be even better than week 2!

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