My First Week Of School

Summer went by way too fast and I was not ready to come back to the “prison” we call school. The first day I was only in school for 2-3 hours because I had to leave for a field hockey tournament at 10:15. Even showing up to school that day was a waste of my time. Both Wednesday and Thursday, I had to leave at 11:30 to get my braces removed and then my retainer fitted. I missed Anatomy and Physiology the first 3 days of school which means I had no notes and I was so far behind. I finally was able to be in the class Friday, only to find out we had a quiz on Monday on the notes we had learned the days prior. I didn’t even have the notes on the section so I had to ask my one friends for them. I knew my weekend would be busy because of a field hockey tournament on Saturday and a race on Sunday so I had practically no time to study the new information. ¬†Also, don’t even get me started on the new freshman this year. I am not one to complain about the “freshies” because at one point I was a freshman as well but this years class is really annoying. I’m convinced they don’t take showers and just dump a bucket of cologne or perfume on them. If you are within 10 feet of ¬†98% of the freshman boys, you are smacked in the face with the overwhelming scent of cheap cologne. The worst part about school starting back up is having to get up so early. Every night I only get around 6 hours of sleep due to sports, homework and other activities. Getting up at 6 AM insures that I will most likely be miserable for the rest of the day. I actually enjoy most of the people in my classes so that is one positive thing about the first week. I sit by my friends so that makes having to show up a little bit better. Overall, my first week was pretty trashy but hopefully school becomes better throughout the year. One thing I learned about my classmates is that Emaley has been to a lot of awesome places while doing what she loves. I was surprised at all the places she has been and how successful her acting is. One of my favorite TV shows is Riverdale starring Cole Sprouse. I really enjoy it because it has a lot of mystery involved and the outcome of season 1 leaves viewers in shock when they find out who Jason Blossom’s real killer is.Image result for person hitting alarm clock cartoon