Along with many other readers, I read the rising novel, Me Before You, by Jojo Moyes. It is a realistic fiction novel that was published by Penguin Books on January 5, 2012 in the United Kingdom. This story is definitely one to make you feel as if you’re living in it; it creates an emotional and romantic mood throughout it’s whole. I would definitely recommend this book to those who have a place in their heart for sappy love stories, and as with almost all cases, the book is significantly better than the movie.

I think that the most impacting element that this story has on the reader is it’s setting. In this novel, there is a 26 year old woman who has grown up in a working-class family. She has few qualifications and lands a job caring for a quadriplegic man. Will Traynor had the perfect life, and after a traffic accident, he is stuck in a wheelchair with limited use of his upper body and no use of his legs and back. Time after time, Louisa attempts to foil his plan to live life miserably and she tries to help him see that he still has places to go, views to see, and people to meet. Will remains bitter to Louisa, and she becomes cold-hearted towards him as well. Through all of her attempts of adventure for him, Louisa Clark and Will fall in love. Will’s mother learns of his plan to go to Dignitas (assisted suicide organization in Switzerland), and she respects his wish as long as he promises to live 6 more months. Louisa takes him on an exotic vacation and they connect like never before. Will then decides that it is better to tell her of his plans now than to wait any longer. Louisa feels that she has failed her mission to make him choose life. The mood throughout the novel makes the reader feel involved; Will’s choices that affect Louisa also affect the reader. Moyes uses her power to connect the reader and crush them with a sad ending.

Even though the ending of this story was by far the worst I had ever read, the entire novel as a whole makes up for it with the love that Louisa has for Will. The sacrifices made and the differentiating emotions pulls the reader in, and that makes this an amazing novel. Because what’s a better than feeling like you’re one of the characters yourself?


Best Friends is a novel by Martha Moody about the friendship between two young women in college and how it blossoms into the later years of their lives. It was published in 2001 by Penguin Group. I enjoyed this novel because of the unpredictable twists and turns in the plot.

Clare Mann goes to college in Ohio where she meets Sally Rose, a wealthy and beautiful girl from California. Clare is immediately fascinated with her lifestyle and finds her to be more interesting then anyone she has ever encountered. This friendship only grows when Clare goes with Rosie to L.A. to meet her family. The secrets Clare finds out answers all her questions about Ruby, while the California air transforms her into a different person. Clare becomes more carefree and treats L.A. as an escape from the reality of her life back home. She soon finds it hard to be able to separate her own life from Ruby’s. They soon grow older and begin to separate, but always seem to be able to rekindle their friendship. The many things Clare craved in Ruby’s life hold would be revealed to be just something undesirable in the end.

All in all, I can say I really enjoyed this novel, but mostly because of the secrets and surprises it holds. I would recommend this novel to someone looking for a good read about the element of envy in a friendship and about a family trying to maintain an image much different from the one they actually have