The Last Little Blue Envelope

Claudia Rupert


Mr Moser

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The Last Little Blue envelope was written by Maureen Johnson and was published April 26 2011. It was published by HarperCollins.I personally believe that this book is an excellent read and one of my favorite books. It is filled with suspense and mystery and is a quick read.

The Last Little Blue Envelope takes place a few months after the end of 13 Little Blue Envelopes.While swimming in Greece, Ginny’s backpack was stolen, and she never got to read the 13th and final little blue envelope. Ginny receives an email from a guy saying he found her backpack with the letters inside. Ginny now has to follow a new set of mysterious instructions, and she heads back to England.

Oliver, the man who has the letters, says the first step is to head to London. Ginny enlists the help of Keith, who she met on her first trip, and his girlfriend Ellis. The 4 set off to find the last piece of Aunt Pegs artwork. They only have a few days until the new year, when the piece will be auctioned off, and Ginny will have to give half of this new part of her inheritance to Oliver.

This book is very intriguing and is just as good if not better than its prequel.This book will make you feel many emotions and have you on the edge of your seat. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes a suspenseful novel.

13 Little Blue Envelopes

Claudia Rupert

Mr. Moser



13 Little Blue Envelopes was written by Maureen Johnson in 2005. It was published by HarperCollins. I am a huge fan of this book because it is very suspenseful and it draws readers in.

The main character in this book is a young girl named Ginny Blackstone. She is on summer break when she receives a message from her  “Runaway Aunt” Peg, who is now dead. THer aunt says Ginny will be traveling to foreign lands and she can only bring as many things as she can fit in a backpack. She cannot bring any extra money or a journal and no electronics. Ginny is only allowed to open the next envelope once she has reached the destination or has completed the task set in the previous letter.

The first envelope sends her to London where she meets an artist named Keith and her aunt Pegs roommate. She realizes she has a crush on Keith, and they go to Scotland to meet her aunt’s guru artist Mari Adams. Ginny and Keith have a fight and they part ways. Later she encounters a horrible hotel in Amsterdam and finds shelter with a family. Following the letters, she goes to Denmark and meets four Australian students, Emmett, Bennett, Nigel, and Carrie. Together they form the “Blue Envelope Gang” and follow the second-to-last envelope to Greece. The 12th envelope states she can open the last one whenever she wishes.

While in Greece her backpack gets stolen with the last envelope in it. She asks her aunt pegs roommate who happened to be her husband to help find the envelope. In the attic of her aunt Pegs house she finds her old artwork. The painting collection is sold at auction, and the proceeds become her inheritance. While wondering if selling the paintings was the right decision or not, a conversation with Keith makes her realize that Peg wanted Richard to know that she loved him. She writes a letter to her aunt, letting her know that even though she never read the 13th envelope she knows what it said.

13 Little Blue Envelopes  is an action packed story for all ages. Readers feel as if they are in the book themselves when reading this novel. It is a quick and enjoyable read leaving readers wanting more. Overall this book is a fantastic read for anyone.