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The novel Huck Finn so far is excellent.¬† When I first heard that we were reading this book I wasn’t excited. I just thought it would be another boring story that was bland and uneventful, but to my surprise it is full of excitement, drama and great humor. The things I enjoy the most is: the use of use of Paps character to show the stereotypical post civil war southern man and how Huck escapes the cabin and make his death scene. Pap is the the embodiment of the worst stereotypes of the south. He is a stereotypical racist, alcoholic, and has beats his son. When he sees the Professor he is outraged that there is a educated, free black man. So he is just a crappy person. Huck’s escape and the making of his death scene is probably the best part in the book so far. He cut through the cabin, then went back in the cabin and staged a break in. Then he killed a pig and spread his blood around to create the affect that someone murdered him and dragged his dead body around. After that he ate the pig, then went on his canoe¬† and paddled away, leading a trail of mystery.

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