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Out of chapters 30 -33 I think most important parts are the conflicts between Huck and himself. When Huck is faced with moral dilemmas he chooses to do the better thing, compared to earlier in the book where he would choose the less moral thing. This is important because it is showing Hucks development into a better person. Throughout these new chapters we meet Silas Phelps and his wife Sally and his wife Sally. We learned that he and his wife are Aunt and Uncle to Tom Sawyer and they are expecting him soon. Throughout the chapters we see Hucks development into becoming a better person like I said earlier in the blog, but we also see Tom Sawyer going from what Huck describes him as an “upstanding gentlemen” to someone who is willing to steal from his own family. Not only does that surprise Huck but it is intended to surprise the reader by showing a darker and morally grey side of Tom Sawyer. I think the setting of the farm is going to be used as a safe place for Huck to develop while also being distant and off from his past where it won’t matter. I think that the Phillips will buy the rest of Jim’s family and hook with pretend to be Tom for a little bit more than revealed he is Huck and they will take him in.

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