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The novel Huck Finn so far is excellent.  When I first heard that we were reading this book I wasn’t excited. I just thought it would be another boring story that was bland and uneventful, but to my surprise it is full of excitement, drama and great humor. The things I enjoy the most is: the use of use of Paps character to show the stereotypical post civil war southern man and how Huck escapes the cabin and make his death scene. Pap is the the embodiment of the worst stereotypes of the south. He is a stereotypical racist, alcoholic, and has beats his son. When he sees the Professor he is outraged that there is a educated, free black man. So he is just a crappy person. Huck’s escape and the making of his death scene is probably the best part in the book so far. He cut through the cabin, then went back in the cabin and staged a break in. Then he killed a pig and spread his blood around to create the affect that someone murdered him and dragged his dead body around. After that he ate the pig, then went on his canoe  and paddled away, leading a trail of mystery.

the last Huck blog (hopefully)

The Huck Finn novel was a good book. I thought it was definitely better than expected, I expected more of a Tom Sawyer kind of book but turned out to be darker. This book was definitely more of a challenging compared to other books based on  the dialect of certain characters and the overall analysis needed to get a better understanding of the book.I thought the last couple chapters were weird… If I could change anything I would make it so there was a darker ending. Certain aspects of the ending where to unrealistic to be real life, but ended more of Tom’s story books. In the end how Jim was set free just because he helped out Tom and help Pop then dies is just to fictional to be believable. It was hard to understand why Mark Twain did this because mostly all of the other aspects of the book were believable. I think the most important things for a reader today to get out of this book would be the social constructs around slavery and how it relates to today. Since Mark twain wrote this book based on how the South when he was living in this time it gives the reader a window into what it really was like for African Americans.

My project for the Huck Finn Novel is called “It’s Hucking Finn”. It is a youtube channel that will be the Huck Finn story told in vlogs. The vlogger will be Huck and most of the events in the book will be portrayed but it will take place in a modern time. The only major change in it is Jim, Jim will not be a black man but a women. This is a stylistic choice that we are doing to represent the inequality of women in our time. Also we didn’t have anyone willing to help us portray Jim so we edited Jim’s character. *Shrug*

blog 23

Out of chapters 30 -33 I think most important parts are the conflicts between Huck and himself. When Huck is faced with moral dilemmas he chooses to do the better thing, compared to earlier in the book where he would choose the less moral thing. This is important because it is showing Hucks development into a better person. Throughout these new chapters we meet Silas Phelps and his wife Sally and his wife Sally. We learned that he and his wife are Aunt and Uncle to Tom Sawyer and they are expecting him soon. Throughout the chapters we see Hucks development into becoming a better person like I said earlier in the blog, but we also see Tom Sawyer going from what Huck describes him as an “upstanding gentlemen” to someone who is willing to steal from his own family. Not only does that surprise Huck but it is intended to surprise the reader by showing a darker and morally grey side of Tom Sawyer. I think the setting of the farm is going to be used as a safe place for Huck to develop while also being distant and off from his past where it won’t matter. I think that the Phillips will buy the rest of Jim’s family and hook with pretend to be Tom for a little bit more than revealed he is Huck and they will take him in.