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My selected author is Jack London. I picked this author because when I was younger my mom used to read me “Call of the Wild” which to this day still enjoy. Jack London’s primary forms of work novels and short stories. Honestly this is the best type of author for me because as a majority I don’t like poems and rather do research about a book than a film. The three most interesting books I found by Jack London are “The iron Heel” “The Seawolf” and “White Fang”. I’m most interested is “The Iron Heel” it is about a dystopian society and the rise of tyranny in the United States. “The Sea Wolf” is a psychological adventure book that is about a guy who crashes his boat and is saved by another captain. It is interesting because it is based of Jack London’s real life experiences. Lastly the book “White Fang” Is a book about a wolf dog hybrid that pulls sleds. From a little bit of research and knowledge about Jack London I know that he lived during the gold rush. And Western expansion in America. Most of his books are based on his experiences like sailing the world, pulling sleds and digging for gold.

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In the short story we recently read I thought the satire used was very well thought out. The references and other jokes he makes at the presidents were very clever. I think the point he was trying to make throughout the story was just to shed light on social classes not being more intelligent than one or the other. Personally I did not like the way we handle independent reading this marking period. Usually I just read my book take the test and move on but since we had to do the whole “trailer“ thing it was just a lot of work and I would’ve rather read two books then make a movie I feel like the main problem with my experience with independent pretty in this Cory was I waited till the last minute like always and I made a crappy trailer which I probably lost points. After reading the first chapter of Huck Finn I am very excited to see how it plays out. I think the story is going to have a lot of the venture and going to be more mature than Tom Sawyer. The story is definitely going to be about Huck and his past life before Tom and then he is probably going to go on an adventure of some sort.