Now that we are just about halfway through the film, I am still confused about the major plot twist at the end. That’s all that I really have wanted to see but haven’t yet. Other than that I very much enjoy the movie so far. I like how you can physically watch the change in Scotty from distance to the idea of following his friends wife to OK with that idea, then you can see him falling in love with her and being obsessed. So far in the movie I didn’t dislike that anything. I have multiple of predictions about what is going to happen in the story. My first theory is that I think the woman he’s following is a ghost if he’s just interacting with a dead person the whole time. My second theory is that in the beginning of the movie where he is hanging off the ledge he actually falls off and is in a coma, the whole story is one big dream he was having during the coma my third theory is that Scotty has been dead the whole time and none of this is real or he has a ghost is interacting with these people which can kind of discredit it so far. It is hard to critique this film because I don’t really know what is about to happen I feel like I could critique this film better if I had a knowledge of where the storyline is headed. In all honesty I hope that the husband that is the ship guy was actually a ghost or a form of his self-conscious telling him to find the girl and start her like crazy. So far this is been a great film and I’ve enjoyed watching it. Not going to lie I’m a little frustrated because I don’t know it’s gonna happen and I know it’s gonna make me mad when I figure it out or see what happens. Waiting for the plot twist LOL

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