Song of myself

Pre-warning, procrastination/bad blog ahead:

After reading the song of myself and discussing the concepts in meaning behind the poem after reading I have a new class on transcendentalism. My favorite section or stanza of this poem, that wasn’t my assigned stanza, was Stanza Six. It talks about what society is in his opinion and is very “Zen “ I particularly like the grass concept in the Stancer. Grass concept is talking about society and society is like one strain of grass and there’s many different strains but they all are similar and different. It also talks about “the grass is Itself a child “saying society produces other similar societies which is a very interesting way to think about different cultures. This poem is referred to as the most influential poem of American literature, I think the main reasons for this is because of how the American ideals are  embodied inside of the poem and how relatable it is to our society. I do not have any questions or concerns about this poem but I do have some thoughts. I think it is very progressive of Walt Whitman to openly talk about his sexuality in this poem while also talking about “god“ or “the soul” I also like his ideas about how nothing actually dies energy is just transferred and everything is eternal and after you dye your soul goes back to the oversoul and transcendence. I like the theory because it channels my inner hippie LOL. I think the Stanza Nine where he talks about immigration into the country is very interesting and how it changes society in a positive way. I like that he has a positive outlook at that change when so much of the country did not like more immigrants coming into our immigrant founded country. Over all, I will have to read this poem a nine out of 10. It is very close to 10 out of 10 but it is just too long. I think for people who are not scholars such as himself, more of  the more complicated and in in my opinion better concept are lost to the regular reader and less properly analyze. Most people who read this wouldn’t be able to understand what he was saying besides the literal sense which is why i gave it a 9/10.

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