Civil Disobedience

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I personally do not agree that  “that government is best which governs least”. I believe the government should be more involved than that. The role of our government is to govern the people based on how the masses of the population believe and every individual citizen should have a voice.  A government that would have my respect would be a government that supports the rights, freedoms, ideas, and home of the people. To be respected you have to the right thing as well as what the people want, but sometimes what is right isn’t always what the people want. “Civil Disobedience” is relevant because it is the precursor to all the modern rallies of today. To have a effective rally it has to be peaceful, when any a rally becomes a riot the message behind is lost.

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Thorreau and Emerson’s thoughts about Transcendentalism are fairly similar, in which they both share the belief that nature is what drives people to not go along with other people’s ideas but make our own. They also share similar ideas about the Soul and Simplicity.  Both men also shared a want to find deeper meaning in life. In the first part of the excerpt, Thoreau talks about all the farms he was prospectively looking at, especially Hollowell’s Place.  Hollowell’s Place was farm he was about to buy, even though he knew it was a fixer upper and had a lot of work to do before he could legitimately cultivate it. Then the farmer’s wife decides against the selling of the farm and would let the sale be finalised. After this Thoreau realises that he was better off without the farm. The main idea of the first portion of the excerpt “Where I Lived and What I Lived For?” is that he and others should “as long as possible live free and uncommitted.”

What is the main point of “The Conclusion?” is simplicity, that life doesn’t have to be as complicated as people make it to be, because “The sun is but a morning star.”

Thoreau’s experiment of leaving behind society to live in the woods benefited him by helping him become a better person and find himself. If I did this I would miss some people but I would do it, and kind of want to. I feel like it would help me find a better inner peace. I might do it this summer but who knows.  A modern reader should take some lessons out of what we’ve read in regards to Transcendentalism. Every reader should take the idea of simplicity out of the excerpt, they should learn that in life that sometimes that less it more.

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The purpose of independent reading is to have students keep up with their reading skills outside of the classroom.  I think there should be a candy bar reward system for the students who honestly do it. For my first book for the third quarter I picked a book for the library’s blind date with a book. It turned out to be ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children”, which has always looked interesting but i never had the energy to start it. After reading the first chapter I think Jacob is going to go on a quest to find the island his grandpa mensons, initially i thought this book was very interesting and intriguing. Thinking about how to do the movie trailer stresses me out because it is a lot of work that i will put off till the last second.