State Funded College Tuition

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Throughout the the process of writing and researching the topic of State Funded Tuition my stance has been on both sides. I understand that both sides and think they both have good sides. I thought the coolest part of info I found was about the countries that have already implemented free college, like Norway, Finland, and Sweden.  This are interesting to me and should be to others because it shows that government funded tuition is not just a dream but is a real thing that works and could be adapted in our society. Before researching I know that Norway had free college but didn’t know how it worked. The main source I used was the individual country’s website. The emotions i used were hope and fear. In society college students have hope for getting college paid for,  and fear for the future debt they will have.  My debate topic one that is emotionally charged and one which I had to figure out how to activate emotional appeal in the audience, because there is not a lot of just facts to back it up. When it comes to ethic this challenges the question of “Is college a necessity?” Against my topic the main argument is “Is college ever free?” The main thing I learned is that for a debate you have to really know what you are talking about. In the future I will try to prepare more.

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