Franky-poo’s virtues

Ben Franklin’s 13 virtues are the dumbest thing ever, each one has a loophole that Benipoo could skrt  around. So since Wednesday we were told follow the 13 virtues and had to make up 2 more.  This is a list of the virtues in order of importance…

  1. Watch your ego – Don’t think your better than other people
  2. Don’t hating yourself, or others
  3. Be productive, don’t procrastinate, don’t waste time
  4. Don’t worry about the small stuff
  5. Don’t drink too much, Don’t eat too much
  6. Don’t be a jerk and try to get in arguments
  7. Keep your stuff and time organised
  8. If you know there is an issue fix it
  9. Don’t waste your money
  10. Think before you speak and say kind things
  11. Don’t hurt people, If someone does someone good let them know
  12. Don’t do rash things
  13. Bathe regularly
  14. Don’t sing if you don’t know the words
  15. Only have sex for health or making kids as long as it doesn’t hurt your or others references

I broke mostly all of of these, virtue Number One I broke a bunch. I have a hard time with this one because I rank things in my head, for example I think I am a better person than Cody but Katy is a way better one than I am. Number Two I broke about forty times, like ten times a day. Certain people I just don’t like, some people’s  personalities annoy me, or  some people I don’t like because of something that happened in middle school. Letting go of grudges is hard for me but i’m trying. Number three is a terrible one, I can not do things like a normal person and manage and be on time. I say this as i’m typing my Blog at 11:55, Ive truthfully given up trying. Number Four sucks because I get so stressed about colleges, homework, my schedule and general life stuff. Number Five I did pretty well at, I don’t drink and I didn’t overeat. Number Six I didn’t follow at all because it is all I do. Number Seven I broke a lot because I don’t have my stuff or time organised and I can’t get my stuff organised because I don’t have time. Number Eight and Nine I followed. Number Ten I didn’t do at all, I can be very mean person and usually its because I think with out thinking. Number Eleven,  Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, and Fifteen I followed. After attempting this for multiple days I say conclude that it is too hard to do and not worth being a good person.




Smile analysis

Awkward smile guy

When I originally read the Smile poem all I was very confused and to be honest i’m still a little confused. I have a bunch of questions. Why the parentheses? What type of stanzaic form does the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth stanza. In the 3rd stanza is the part about rain, is that supposed to make it to seem like water? Why are some of the lines italicized? What is the certain spaces supposed to be for? The poem talks about different types of animals like the bear and eagles. What is the bear meant to represent? Why is the word “Eagles” capitalized? Lastly, why is the poem called Smile, if the poem is talking about the the opposite of happy things the whole time? Is it supposed to be ironic? I think the poem is talking about how to achieve love and other things people want in life, based off of all the things the speaker thinks he did wrong in his life. In the poem he says multiple things that lead to this conclusion, in the first stanza it start by how the woman light up his lonely life and how addicted he is to her but then she leaves. In the second stanza he is mad about how she left him but now in retrospect he realises how miserable he was with her. In the third stanza the speaker is talking about not actually being happy with his life but putting on smile but it not real, he feel his world is caving in around him while the rain washing away his past (Him trying to get over her, more on with his life and rebuild it). The rest of the poem he is trying to find a new love, every woman (siren) that wants anybody except him. After searching he finds that all the women that are interested in him just want one night stands or shallow relationships, and then he get chased out by boyfriends/husbands. He just wants not to be lonely and someone to make his life more full. Finally he realizes that he doesn’t need the approval of society or anyone else but himself. He is moving on from this part of his life and just accepting that he will be alone till he dies where the only one who can judge him is his God, which he knows won’t go well. He goes on accepting his fate of being doomed and alone, realizing what he wants out of life is wrong. The most important allusions in this poem is the Eagles lyrics because they support the part of where the speaker is addicted to the girl.