Bro! You ready to party?

“Please, this is everything, I swear.” by Orson Scott Card is the quote i used for my story. I picked this quote, because I think it has a lot of potential to go multiple different ways. For example, it could be about a guy getting tortured and he is telling the person all that he knows so he doesn’t get killed and says the quote, or what I picked is two guys saying the quote to a cop. My story is basically about two douchey college freshmen who are trying to be popular so they try to throw a party in a day. The main two characters are Chaz Nug” and Chug, they are a sort of Cheech and Chong characters but in college and very very very douchey. The idea for my story came from all the douchey party bro stereotypes and seeing all the dumb college people in our town and I wanted to put them into a story. When I started I was going for more of a dumb take on the story, but after reviewing my plot and doing the character paper, I figured it would be a better story if I put more depth into it. The character paper was very helpful because it made my main protagonist more dynamic and round, it also made me create a better antagonist and give him a lot more motive and reason why Neil (the antagonist) hates both of the protagonists so much. Originally my main antagonist was gonna be a Cop that is always trying to catch them. At first I wanted to do a story about being just trying to be annoying college guys, but now it is more like a back and for of conflicts and problems and solutions. After doing the character analysis stuff it made my setting better, developing the characters make me have to think about how they are, what they want, what they can do, and what their setting allows. For example it wouldn’t make sense if in my story it was taking place in the high school if they are college.


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