The Fair is usually very boring for me, but this year is was actually fun. Usually I do soccer games and practice, go to the fair like once and the rest of the time sit alone like a loser. During this Fair break  I worked like 20 hours and made some easy money, I went hiking one day, hung out with friends a couple days at the fair, say Recreation perform (I have friends in it).

Even though year I actually did things but the best story of the Fair vacation was the last weekend. Friday around 2, I met up with a girl I had a “”thing” with, for all intents and purposes we will call her M.  M and I walked around the fair, did a couple laps and eventually ended up at one of the fish stands where you throw ping pong balls into the little glass fish bowls. I gave one of the workers a 5 and we were given a tub of 70 balls. Unlike our relationship, we were successful at the game, with the 70 balls we were able to get 8 balls into the bowls. With our success we were able to get a special tank with a one ”fancy” fish.  After that we took another lap around and headed out so I could walk M back before I had to go to work. Like alway I was running late because she wanted to stop and talk about our “relationship” (has quotes because it was a joke) and saying things like “I want to date but I don’t” “I still love my ex but want to be with you” Like what!?!? It’s been like 2 months of us talking! You couldn’t of said this before? You might be asking yourself “What did you do?” or “What happened?” and I will get to that but have to finish the story. So I dropped her off and drove (probably a little over the speed limit) to work and was lucky to clock in like 30 seconds before my shift started. Now back to things with M, when I got back from work we both ignored each other till the next day. I was a little ticked off about the whole situation so I cut ties with M. Basically the Moral of the story is that DO NOT try to date a freshman.

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