Week 2/Notes

Spending the whole week taking notes wasn’t the most fun thing that we could of done but it wasn’t the worst either. Truthfully I didn’t mind it because there was a lot of stories, it was very relatable, and the basic notes were there but you can also add in things to be over and above. One thing that I learned was that the protagonist isn’t always the “good guy”. The protagonist is the person the book is centered around and the antagonist is the person or thing that opposes his goals. I have thought about some stories and movies i’ve read or seen like MegaMind or Suicide Squad that has a typical bad guy as the protagonist, I thought that the story was just told in the viewpoint of the antagonist but now I know they are the protagonist because they are the main character. I also learned the principle of Milieu “The specific feeling of a specific people at a specific time”, for example in Salem, Massachusetts a forward thinking woman or any woman with an opinion was thought to be a witch but in this era that would be completely acceptable. In early American years people had African-Americans as slaves that were owned the European settlers. The Slaves were seen as property not humans, and treated as livestock. Their opinions didn’t matter and they had no rights. Now the whole idea of slavery seems repulsive and terrible (which it is) but at the time it was socially acceptable.  

My second week of school was pretty good. The workload is definitely piling on, but I can handle it… for now. We (the boys soccer team) had a tournament on Saturday ad didn’t do the best we could of. It was also very cold, dreary, it rained all day, and we played very aggressive teams and everyone got a little beat up. Then I got sick that Saturday and was asleep most of the long weekend. Ugh

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