Song of myself

Pre-warning, procrastination/bad blog ahead:

After reading the song of myself and discussing the concepts in meaning behind the poem after reading I have a new class on transcendentalism. My favorite section or stanza of this poem, that wasn’t my assigned stanza, was Stanza Six. It talks about what society is in his opinion and is very “Zen “ I particularly like the grass concept in the Stancer. Grass concept is talking about society and society is like one strain of grass and there’s many different strains but they all are similar and different. It also talks about “the grass is Itself a child “saying society produces other similar societies which is a very interesting way to think about different cultures. This poem is referred to as the most influential poem of American literature, I think the main reasons for this is because of how the American ideals are  embodied inside of the poem and how relatable it is to our society. I do not have any questions or concerns about this poem but I do have some thoughts. I think it is very progressive of Walt Whitman to openly talk about his sexuality in this poem while also talking about “god“ or “the soul” I also like his ideas about how nothing actually dies energy is just transferred and everything is eternal and after you dye your soul goes back to the oversoul and transcendence. I like the theory because it channels my inner hippie LOL. I think the Stanza Nine where he talks about immigration into the country is very interesting and how it changes society in a positive way. I like that he has a positive outlook at that change when so much of the country did not like more immigrants coming into our immigrant founded country. Over all, I will have to read this poem a nine out of 10. It is very close to 10 out of 10 but it is just too long. I think for people who are not scholars such as himself, more of  the more complicated and in in my opinion better concept are lost to the regular reader and less properly analyze. Most people who read this wouldn’t be able to understand what he was saying besides the literal sense which is why i gave it a 9/10.

Civil Disobedience

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I personally do not agree that  “that government is best which governs least”. I believe the government should be more involved than that. The role of our government is to govern the people based on how the masses of the population believe and every individual citizen should have a voice.  A government that would have my respect would be a government that supports the rights, freedoms, ideas, and home of the people. To be respected you have to the right thing as well as what the people want, but sometimes what is right isn’t always what the people want. “Civil Disobedience” is relevant because it is the precursor to all the modern rallies of today. To have a effective rally it has to be peaceful, when any a rally becomes a riot the message behind is lost.

Walden pond

Thorreau and Emerson’s thoughts about Transcendentalism are fairly similar, in which they both share the belief that nature is what drives people to not go along with other people’s ideas but make our own. They also share similar ideas about the Soul and Simplicity.  Both men also shared a want to find deeper meaning in life. In the first part of the excerpt, Thoreau talks about all the farms he was prospectively looking at, especially Hollowell’s Place.  Hollowell’s Place was farm he was about to buy, even though he knew it was a fixer upper and had a lot of work to do before he could legitimately cultivate it. Then the farmer’s wife decides against the selling of the farm and would let the sale be finalised. After this Thoreau realises that he was better off without the farm. The main idea of the first portion of the excerpt “Where I Lived and What I Lived For?” is that he and others should “as long as possible live free and uncommitted.”

What is the main point of “The Conclusion?” is simplicity, that life doesn’t have to be as complicated as people make it to be, because “The sun is but a morning star.”

Thoreau’s experiment of leaving behind society to live in the woods benefited him by helping him become a better person and find himself. If I did this I would miss some people but I would do it, and kind of want to. I feel like it would help me find a better inner peace. I might do it this summer but who knows.  A modern reader should take some lessons out of what we’ve read in regards to Transcendentalism. Every reader should take the idea of simplicity out of the excerpt, they should learn that in life that sometimes that less it more.

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blog 14

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The purpose of independent reading is to have students keep up with their reading skills outside of the classroom.  I think there should be a candy bar reward system for the students who honestly do it. For my first book for the third quarter I picked a book for the library’s blind date with a book. It turned out to be ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children”, which has always looked interesting but i never had the energy to start it. After reading the first chapter I think Jacob is going to go on a quest to find the island his grandpa mensons, initially i thought this book was very interesting and intriguing. Thinking about how to do the movie trailer stresses me out because it is a lot of work that i will put off till the last second.


Blog 13

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Throughout this chapter, I’ve learned how to properly argue. Before this chapter my arguments were easily discredited, only base my arguments off of logic and what I believe to be true, because of what I learned I I know how to use factual evidence, emotional appeal, and logic to all better under prove my stance. I also learned how to properly cite things and manage a bibliography feel like all the practice I had with arguing formally has help me even in my day today arguments, especially in some minor cases. My argument I think was one of the harder choices because I had to prove that the state government  should fund college tuition for all. This is very difficult because there is little factual information about this besides the New York in Tennessee that are beta testing this for community college, while my opponent only had to present facts about the prices it would cost for the government and the taxpayers which please awful the audience’s emotion. All my evidence was based off of beta testing for two states that are only “kind of“” doing the same thing as my topic, New York and Tennessee are only trying out a version where community college is free for people who make under whose families make under 125,000. I also used European countries that have free college as examples by the national government pays for it not the individual territory or state.

The new type of arguing we were taught with our opening, cross-examination, rebuttal and closing, is way better than the usual type of arguing I would do. If it is the subject I am arguing happens to be something i’m passionate about I tend to get worked up and talk over the other person. This type of argument that we just learned is helping me to listen to what the other people are saying first and have a comp composure so I can hear what they’re saying and know how to counterattacked their position. From what I have seen from everyday conversations with other students and adults the same way, they get worked up, their emotions run wild, assume things and they use a lot of fallacies.

Since I was at district chorus for the last two days of the debate I missed a little under half of them, but of the debates I saw my favorite was the one about pro-life or pro-choice. The pro choice side had a very good argument and used a lot of factual information to support her side. She was very prepared and even had very good cross-examination questions

Throughout the chapter my perception has changed when it comes to arguments., I feel like I can better appreciate the arguments I hear and know which side is more prepared The main difference I now know is the amount of work you have to do to properly prepare a good argument. The whole assignment was somewhat hard for me because I tend to procrastinate and kind of bull crap my way through things, which was not possible for this assignment

State Funded College Tuition

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Throughout the the process of writing and researching the topic of State Funded Tuition my stance has been on both sides. I understand that both sides and think they both have good sides. I thought the coolest part of info I found was about the countries that have already implemented free college, like Norway, Finland, and Sweden.  This are interesting to me and should be to others because it shows that government funded tuition is not just a dream but is a real thing that works and could be adapted in our society. Before researching I know that Norway had free college but didn’t know how it worked. The main source I used was the individual country’s website. The emotions i used were hope and fear. In society college students have hope for getting college paid for,  and fear for the future debt they will have.  My debate topic one that is emotionally charged and one which I had to figure out how to activate emotional appeal in the audience, because there is not a lot of just facts to back it up. When it comes to ethic this challenges the question of “Is college a necessity?” Against my topic the main argument is “Is college ever free?” The main thing I learned is that for a debate you have to really know what you are talking about. In the future I will try to prepare more.

State Funded College Tuition

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The topic i was given was State College Tuition. I am assigned the pro side. Personally I don’t have a position on this topic, both sides make sense. My prior knowledge is very limited on this topic, all I know is that some people think that the State government should pay for college education and some  people think that the State government pays for enough. I understand and can relate with both sides of the argument, like I get  that the people think that the state government shouldn’t pay for college because how it would affect the economy and how much it would cost. With a basic Google search most of the websites that come up are .org’s but not trustworthy or credible resources, there was also a new channel’s  website ( that popped up which could possibly be credible. The most obvious approaches to this topic would be saying that logically making States pay for college would make the public happy, and it would encourage people to get a higher level of education. An ethical issue with this topic would be if the State government pays for student’s college tuition where do they take the money from, for example the government could pay for the college but cut funding from people in nursings homes or some  high school’s program. With this topic it would be hard to use emotions to get people on your side, but if if someone was to they would probably play off hope and relief. Most peoples main concern with college is being able to pay for it, which result to people going to crappy college like BU. (lol)  As a counter stance the emotions of worry and fear could be used. People would be worried and fear the changes that would come about if a new law like this would come about.

Franky-poo’s virtues

Ben Franklin’s 13 virtues are the dumbest thing ever, each one has a loophole that Benipoo could skrt  around. So since Wednesday we were told follow the 13 virtues and had to make up 2 more.  This is a list of the virtues in order of importance…

  1. Watch your ego – Don’t think your better than other people
  2. Don’t hating yourself, or others
  3. Be productive, don’t procrastinate, don’t waste time
  4. Don’t worry about the small stuff
  5. Don’t drink too much, Don’t eat too much
  6. Don’t be a jerk and try to get in arguments
  7. Keep your stuff and time organised
  8. If you know there is an issue fix it
  9. Don’t waste your money
  10. Think before you speak and say kind things
  11. Don’t hurt people, If someone does someone good let them know
  12. Don’t do rash things
  13. Bathe regularly
  14. Don’t sing if you don’t know the words
  15. Only have sex for health or making kids as long as it doesn’t hurt your or others references

I broke mostly all of of these, virtue Number One I broke a bunch. I have a hard time with this one because I rank things in my head, for example I think I am a better person than Cody but Katy is a way better one than I am. Number Two I broke about forty times, like ten times a day. Certain people I just don’t like, some people’s  personalities annoy me, or  some people I don’t like because of something that happened in middle school. Letting go of grudges is hard for me but i’m trying. Number three is a terrible one, I can not do things like a normal person and manage and be on time. I say this as i’m typing my Blog at 11:55, Ive truthfully given up trying. Number Four sucks because I get so stressed about colleges, homework, my schedule and general life stuff. Number Five I did pretty well at, I don’t drink and I didn’t overeat. Number Six I didn’t follow at all because it is all I do. Number Seven I broke a lot because I don’t have my stuff or time organised and I can’t get my stuff organised because I don’t have time. Number Eight and Nine I followed. Number Ten I didn’t do at all, I can be very mean person and usually its because I think with out thinking. Number Eleven,  Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, and Fifteen I followed. After attempting this for multiple days I say conclude that it is too hard to do and not worth being a good person.




Smile analysis

Awkward smile guy

When I originally read the Smile poem all I was very confused and to be honest i’m still a little confused. I have a bunch of questions. Why the parentheses? What type of stanzaic form does the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth stanza. In the 3rd stanza is the part about rain, is that supposed to make it to seem like water? Why are some of the lines italicized? What is the certain spaces supposed to be for? The poem talks about different types of animals like the bear and eagles. What is the bear meant to represent? Why is the word “Eagles” capitalized? Lastly, why is the poem called Smile, if the poem is talking about the the opposite of happy things the whole time? Is it supposed to be ironic? I think the poem is talking about how to achieve love and other things people want in life, based off of all the things the speaker thinks he did wrong in his life. In the poem he says multiple things that lead to this conclusion, in the first stanza it start by how the woman light up his lonely life and how addicted he is to her but then she leaves. In the second stanza he is mad about how she left him but now in retrospect he realises how miserable he was with her. In the third stanza the speaker is talking about not actually being happy with his life but putting on smile but it not real, he feel his world is caving in around him while the rain washing away his past (Him trying to get over her, more on with his life and rebuild it). The rest of the poem he is trying to find a new love, every woman (siren) that wants anybody except him. After searching he finds that all the women that are interested in him just want one night stands or shallow relationships, and then he get chased out by boyfriends/husbands. He just wants not to be lonely and someone to make his life more full. Finally he realizes that he doesn’t need the approval of society or anyone else but himself. He is moving on from this part of his life and just accepting that he will be alone till he dies where the only one who can judge him is his God, which he knows won’t go well. He goes on accepting his fate of being doomed and alone, realizing what he wants out of life is wrong. The most important allusions in this poem is the Eagles lyrics because they support the part of where the speaker is addicted to the girl.

Bro! You ready to party?

“Please, this is everything, I swear.” by Orson Scott Card is the quote i used for my story. I picked this quote, because I think it has a lot of potential to go multiple different ways. For example, it could be about a guy getting tortured and he is telling the person all that he knows so he doesn’t get killed and says the quote, or what I picked is two guys saying the quote to a cop. My story is basically about two douchey college freshmen who are trying to be popular so they try to throw a party in a day. The main two characters are Chaz Nug” and Chug, they are a sort of Cheech and Chong characters but in college and very very very douchey. The idea for my story came from all the douchey party bro stereotypes and seeing all the dumb college people in our town and I wanted to put them into a story. When I started I was going for more of a dumb take on the story, but after reviewing my plot and doing the character paper, I figured it would be a better story if I put more depth into it. The character paper was very helpful because it made my main protagonist more dynamic and round, it also made me create a better antagonist and give him a lot more motive and reason why Neil (the antagonist) hates both of the protagonists so much. Originally my main antagonist was gonna be a Cop that is always trying to catch them. At first I wanted to do a story about being just trying to be annoying college guys, but now it is more like a back and for of conflicts and problems and solutions. After doing the character analysis stuff it made my setting better, developing the characters make me have to think about how they are, what they want, what they can do, and what their setting allows. For example it wouldn’t make sense if in my story it was taking place in the high school if they are college.