Bro! You ready to party?

“Please, this is everything, I swear.” by Orson Scott Card is the quote i used for my story. I picked this quote, because I think it has a lot of potential to go multiple different ways. For example, it could be about a guy getting tortured and he is telling the person all that he knows so he doesn’t get killed and says the quote, or what I picked is two guys saying the quote to a cop. My story is basically about two douchey college freshmen who are trying to be popular so they try to throw a party in a day. The main two characters are Chaz Nug” and Chug, they are a sort of Cheech and Chong characters but in college and very very very douchey. The idea for my story came from all the douchey party bro stereotypes and seeing all the dumb college people in our town and I wanted to put them into a story. When I started I was going for more of a dumb take on the story, but after reviewing my plot and doing the character paper, I figured it would be a better story if I put more depth into it. The character paper was very helpful because it made my main protagonist more dynamic and round, it also made me create a better antagonist and give him a lot more motive and reason why Neil (the antagonist) hates both of the protagonists so much. Originally my main antagonist was gonna be a Cop that is always trying to catch them. At first I wanted to do a story about being just trying to be annoying college guys, but now it is more like a back and for of conflicts and problems and solutions. After doing the character analysis stuff it made my setting better, developing the characters make me have to think about how they are, what they want, what they can do, and what their setting allows. For example it wouldn’t make sense if in my story it was taking place in the high school if they are college.




The Fair is usually very boring for me, but this year is was actually fun. Usually I do soccer games and practice, go to the fair like once and the rest of the time sit alone like a loser. During this Fair break  I worked like 20 hours and made some easy money, I went hiking one day, hung out with friends a couple days at the fair, say Recreation perform (I have friends in it).

Even though year I actually did things but the best story of the Fair vacation was the last weekend. Friday around 2, I met up with a girl I had a “”thing” with, for all intents and purposes we will call her M.  M and I walked around the fair, did a couple laps and eventually ended up at one of the fish stands where you throw ping pong balls into the little glass fish bowls. I gave one of the workers a 5 and we were given a tub of 70 balls. Unlike our relationship, we were successful at the game, with the 70 balls we were able to get 8 balls into the bowls. With our success we were able to get a special tank with a one ”fancy” fish.  After that we took another lap around and headed out so I could walk M back before I had to go to work. Like alway I was running late because she wanted to stop and talk about our “relationship” (has quotes because it was a joke) and saying things like “I want to date but I don’t” “I still love my ex but want to be with you” Like what!?!? It’s been like 2 months of us talking! You couldn’t of said this before? You might be asking yourself “What did you do?” or “What happened?” and I will get to that but have to finish the story. So I dropped her off and drove (probably a little over the speed limit) to work and was lucky to clock in like 30 seconds before my shift started. Now back to things with M, when I got back from work we both ignored each other till the next day. I was a little ticked off about the whole situation so I cut ties with M. Basically the Moral of the story is that DO NOT try to date a freshman.

blog 3

“I realize now that dying is easy. Living is hard.” The theme for the movie If I Stay is living is about sacrifices and choices. There are three things that best show and the theme of the story are the setting the characters and most importantly the flashbacks

After going through a horrific car accident and is put into a coma, Mia Hall is faced with the choice to either dying and being with her family or living and pursuing her music. The setting of the story is always at the ICU at the hospital. She is fighting to live and completely comatose, but her spirit is walking around and going through flashbacks. Multiple times in the story the one hallway she goes down gets very bright and everything gets loud signifying her about to die. She starts to scream and says she doesn’t want to die yet. The main character of the story is Mia Hall. She is an high school student  on her senior year and is an amazing cello player. During her time in the ICU she gets accepted Julliard School of Music which was her dream. While in her coma Mia realizes how many sacrifices were made for her to achieve her dreams, for example her dad was a drummer in a bang till he quit and sold his drum kit to buy Mia’s first cello. The most important literary device in my opinion is the use of flashbacks. While she is in the coma she reflects on her life and the best times in her life. Most importantly her time with Adam (her boyfriend) and trying to find the reason to live. If she stays she will be an orphan but have her friends, music and Adam. If she goes she can leave all the pain and be with her family . The flashbacks foreshadow her sacrificing being with her family and choosing to stay for her music and love.

“Sometimes you make choices in life and sometimes choices make you.” Living is made up of sacrifices and choices is main idea for If I Stay.

Week 2/Notes

Spending the whole week taking notes wasn’t the most fun thing that we could of done but it wasn’t the worst either. Truthfully I didn’t mind it because there was a lot of stories, it was very relatable, and the basic notes were there but you can also add in things to be over and above. One thing that I learned was that the protagonist isn’t always the “good guy”. The protagonist is the person the book is centered around and the antagonist is the person or thing that opposes his goals. I have thought about some stories and movies i’ve read or seen like MegaMind or Suicide Squad that has a typical bad guy as the protagonist, I thought that the story was just told in the viewpoint of the antagonist but now I know they are the protagonist because they are the main character. I also learned the principle of Milieu “The specific feeling of a specific people at a specific time”, for example in Salem, Massachusetts a forward thinking woman or any woman with an opinion was thought to be a witch but in this era that would be completely acceptable. In early American years people had African-Americans as slaves that were owned the European settlers. The Slaves were seen as property not humans, and treated as livestock. Their opinions didn’t matter and they had no rights. Now the whole idea of slavery seems repulsive and terrible (which it is) but at the time it was socially acceptable.  

My second week of school was pretty good. The workload is definitely piling on, but I can handle it… for now. We (the boys soccer team) had a tournament on Saturday ad didn’t do the best we could of. It was also very cold, dreary, it rained all day, and we played very aggressive teams and everyone got a little beat up. Then I got sick that Saturday and was asleep most of the long weekend. Ugh

first week of school

I wasn’t ready for school to start. Usually by the end of summer, I am ready to go back to school but this year was different. I took college classes at BU, it was a six week semester in the middle of summer that took up 99% of all my time. So basically it feels like i just went from 10th grade then switched schools for a month and a half and then a week later go back to High School. My first week of school was kinda boring and little effort was put into it. All of my classes are pretty easy so far, no crazy hard class this year like Chem. honors. One thing i don’t like about my schedule this year is Spanish 2. The teacher jumped right in the first day with all these words, expecting us to do things and remember everything from last school year. He should gave a review day or like summer homework so we wouldn’t forget everything, basically anything would help.

I think how crazy it is how this year i have to do so many things for college like SAT’s, ACT’s, and basically figuring out what I want to do for my life. Last year and the year before that I was a kid, i had time to figure out what i have to do, but now I have to be a young adult and start looking at colleges and pick a major. It is only thing that actually stresses me out.

The first week I did some cool things. I auditioned for fusion as a tenor 1 (which is the highest guy part) on Friday. Fusion is an “elite” singing group under the direction of Mr. Latsha. Truthfully I don’t know why i do it every year, I love Mr. Latsha but I hate most aspects of it. I hate waking up every morning to be at school at 7, I feel I have learned all that I can from fusion, the only beneficial thing would be private lessons with him or someone else. The only reason i do it is to sing to all the elementary schools around Christmas time. Also the Boys Soccer team had a scrimmage against Sullivan County. They were pretty bad and we were beating by a lot so all of our JV players got to play and one scored a goal!

From the presentations this past week I learned about Emaley’s Broadway career. Ever since 8th grade I have teased her that she did “cHiLdS BrOaDwAy” but after learning about her career it is actually very impressive. She goes to other countries, like England and New Zealand to perform shows and gets paid with room and board included. She is even going to New Zealand in October to perform. So Emaley, I will never admit this face to face but “Broadway kids” is very kinda cool and i’m a little jealous. Also fun fact that I learned from this week is that Eric didn’t get sick from radiation poisoning, someone made up the rumor. He just had family stuff and did cyber school for the rest of the school year, he didn’t try to steal a nuclear reactor for Russia because he is a sleeper agent like we all thought.

My favorite story at the moment is Trailer Park Boys. It is a TV show about these three characters Ricky, Julian and Bubbles being followed around by this camera crew and their mischievous shenanigans. Almost every season starts with them getting out of jail and ends with them going back into jail because they are always trying to pull off “The Big Dirty” which is one huge crime to make enough money to put theme into retirement. I enjoy this show because it is a very smart and dumb kinds of humor, the characters are very complex and it is always something bizarre that makes it entertaining.

My goals for my sophomore year

My expectations for sophomore are pretty simple. I am expecting to get into district chorus and would like get to all-states (which might be an little high of an expatiation but who cares).  I would also like to get a lead in the school play. Getting my permit is another goal of mine. While though all the craziness i want to maintain a 3.5 GPA or higher.