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I thought this year went pretty well. After going through Freshman and Sophomore year and hearing all the complaints of McGarry this and McGarry that, I expected things to be much worse. I had almost all of my major classes in the morning which left my afternoons to relax a little bit and not be stressed out all day. I had no problem getting all of my work done for all of my classes, even after suffering an injury that put me out for 3 weeks. The things that I did struggle with though, were the pre-calc tests and quizzes. I am quite possibly the worst math student ever so it was a challenge for me. In Literature, I think the best assignments we did were the blogs. They were consistent, easy points, that didn’t take long to finish. I think the worst assignments we did this year was anything having to do with poetry because I hate poetry with a burning passion. One way you could improve the class would be to not do anymore sound and sense questions because those also sucked. On a scale of good to amazing, I’ll give you an excellent because clearly you know what you are talking about when it comes to all of the stories and poems we’ve talked about throughout the year. My goals for next year are to try and keep all of my grades above 90’s, which has been my goal the past 3 years. I’ve mostly succeeded in that as well. I am taking college courses next year so I won’t have to be at school until 12 o’clock everyday so that’s pretty nice. I’m trying to get a co-op so that Tuesday and Thursday when I don’t have classes I won’t be sitting in study hall for 5 hours. But our guidance counselors seem to have a really tough time figuring my schedule out. I don’t think its that complicated but whatever. Between now and graduation, I’m going to try and have as much fun as possible and do as much stupid stuff as I can with my friends (mostly happening after 11pm and no, I’m not talking about party’s). I don’t really expect myself to try and prepare myself for the real world because you never know whats going to happen. I will just go with the flow and whatever happens, happens. Peace out McGarry, it’s been Lit (no pun intended)

Blog 25

In all three works, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, Disillusionment of 10 o’clock, and anyone lived in a pretty how town, the themes are pretty similar. All three poems have a type of darker meaning that isn’t always picked up by the reader. In The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, the person in the poem is trying to fit into high class society with a low class background. The person wants to be like the wealthy and those that are well off but in some cases in life, choosing the people who you believe are “better” then you isn’t always the best decision. If they don’t accept you, it could leave you feeling like you aren’t good enough. Disillusionment of 10 o’clock talks of a sailor who is minding his own business and imagining things in his crazy mind. People look at him differently because he isn’t conforming to society, he is being himself. In anyone lived in a pretty how town, Cummings uses the term Anyone and No one, to allow the reader to put who they want into the poem and make each one unique. The poem talks about how so and so is overwhelmed with how quickly time is passing. The first two poems are both talking about wanting to fit into society and the third one is talking about doing things within society to make time go slower. The one I find most applicable to our society today is the poem about the sailor. Often times today people are quick to judge someone if they are a little different and we never know how much fun that person is having and we never get to experience the types of joy they do. I also liked the one about the sailor the most because it had the most clear theme of the three poems and it also was the most applicable to our society today.

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Blog 24

My thoughts about the novel as a whole are kind of two-sided. I think the book was very well written in the beginning but towards the end it became a little too far fetched to be believable. My favorite kind of books are realistic fiction so when the book started getting unrealistic I began to lose interest. I do think it was better then expected because the seniors told me how bad it was and everything but I actually enjoyed it. I do think the book accomplished its job of explaining the themes because McGarry apparently understands all of them so they must be present somewhere. I have no idea about any of the themes but that might be just me. It’s is a far more advanced read then most of the other books I have read but it wasn’t too hard to read. The hardest part was trying to understand what Jim was saying. I didn’t really like the end of the book because it was kind of uneventful and had full closure. If I were to change it, I would have made the ending much more suspenseful and said how Huck and Tom headed out west and maybe only Tom returned or something along those lines. I think the most important things for modern people to take away from this novel is how to never trust anyone with everything because some people will keep things from you and use you for their enjoyment. Like how Jim kept the death of Huck’s father from him for so long and how Tom Sawyer used Huck for his enjoyment of freeing Jim even though he was free the whole time. Yes, I do think the novel could still be applied to today because of the things I just explained before. Our Huck Finn project is going to be an Instagram page that shows the themes and explains the characters through pictures and captions. We picked this project because it’s a relatively simple project that will still effectively explain the purpose of the project. Our expectation is to get the grade that reflects what we [put into the project.

Blog 23

Chapter 30-33 were very important parts of this story. The most important part I think of these chapters is the fact that Huck hid the gold inside of the coffin. Although this part didn’t happen within chapters 30-33, I still think this is the most important part because if this never would have happened, nothing else would have happened the way it did if it wasn’t for this. One thing I think that is really important that happened within those chapters is the boy that told Huck where Jim was. Huck would’ve been blind in his hunt for Jim if it wasn’t for that boy. The new important characters that we meet are Aunt Sally and Uncle Silas. We learn that Aunt Sally is very friendly but we do see that she kind of has a dark side when it comes to black people. Uncle Silas we learn is kind of more laid back and easy going. We don’t learn much more about him other then he is a preacher on the side. I think the characters that have the furthest development are Tom and Huck because even after not seeing each other for so long and Tom thinking Huck was dead, they still were able to come up with an actual SMART plan. (even though Tom goes back to his old self) We know that the Phelps farm is littered with hounds. They also have a big yards and many barns and stuff to house their slaves/servants. I think the plot line is going more towards Tom and Huck getting in trouble for mischievous activities. My prediction for the end is Jim Tom and Huck all return back home and live out the rest of their lives.

Blog 22

My selected author is John Steinbeck. I picked this author because I have read one of his books before and he was able to keep me interested in the story unlike most authors. His primary form of work is novels but he is also known for some of his famous quotes. This impacted my decision of choosing this author because I enjoy reading on my own and for enjoyment so writing an essay on a few books that I will have to read will be very easy.  I think the three most interesting works by Steinbeck are Of Mice and Men, The Pearl and To a God Unknown. Something interesting about OF Mice and Men is how the book is used in 10th grade literature classes across the nation. Something I find interesting about The Pearl is how Kino believed his pearl was worth 50,000 pesos but the dealers would only offer him 1,000 pesos. Also instead of throwing the pearl into the ocean, why wouldn’t he just sell it for that 1,000? And something I find interesting about To A God Unknown is how the spring in the forest is considered sacred yet the townspeople are afraid of it. Why? I know nothing about the author’s life but I do know that he was born in the early 1900’s.

Blog 21

Not even sure if I already wrote this blog or not but here we go I’ll do it anyways. Huck Finn, man what an exciting time to be alive. Okay so honestly, all I’ve heard about this is people complaining about it and all the work that you have to do with it and everything but I think I’ll enjoy it. So far I really like the book. I know I’m only about 40 pages in but hey it’s a start. Huck Finn honestly reminds me of me. Not his whole family situation but his actions. He likes to do things just because the Widow doesn’t want him to. Same way for me, especially growing up with three brothers. If mom and dad didn’t want us to do something, we probably would end up doing it. It was just fun and the rebellious feeling was almost like a drug. Some things I like are hoe Huck is a realist and understands how life really is because that’s how I am and i never really understood how people could see things differently. There isn’t really anything I dislike so far. The only thing would have to be the fact that MackinVia isn’t working and I don’t want to read on my phone because it hurts my eyes. Not sure how this is going to be 350 words so I’ll ramble a little bit. Not even sure who is going to read this but as you know I recently caught a baseball with my face which put a bit of a damper on my school/sports situation. I am out for 2 weeks at least and honestly, the biggest thing I’m worried about it pre-calc. We had a quiz Friday and literally maybe 3 people knew what they were doing and I am not one of them. I’m just hoping that Yates will excuse me from taking it since I will forget what little I do know by the time I come back to school. Anyway, I have a broken jaw, two broken cheek bones, a fractured right eye socket, my nose is completely shattered and disconnected from my skull, and my sinuses are collapsed. For them to reattach my nose to my skull they might have to shave my head and go through the top of my head so that’s really what I’m worried about. Alright that’s almost 400 words so I’m good.

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Blog 20

The story about the jumping frog in Calaveras County is one that is well written yet very hard to understand. When Twain wrote the story, he wrote it to create irony for the reader by making Wheeler tell a story about the wrong person. Honestly, if you just read through the story quickly, you will most likely miss the fact that the entire story is one story within another about the wrong person. This whole situation is one big thing of irony that I personally only picked up on after McGarry told us about it. The use of humor in the story was really when you understood the fact that Wheeler was telling the Narrator a story about the wrong person the entire time. I think the point he was trying to make was the realization of how society really is and he uses satire to achieve this. He uses the narrator in this story to represent society itself and he makes the narrator look down at Wheeler because of his appearance and the circumstances that he is in (small mining town, rugged bar, fat bald guy)

I really enjoyed the AR for the second quarter because it takes literature and makes you use it in a different way (by making the trailer) and it basically ensures that you will get full credit for AR for this marking period because you don’t have to worry about taking an AR test and possibly only getting a 6/10 and resorting back to writing an essay on the book, which is a lot of work that I really don’t want to do. I would prefer to do something like this for every marking period instead of just AR Tests.

My first impression of Huck Finn was good. I think i’m going to like this book honestly. It seems like a fun story although McGarry will probably end up making me hate it after all of the work he assigned for us about the book. I think that’s probably enough so there you go.

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Satire Blog

My experience with satire and humor are two pretty different things. Most of the experiences I have with satire is usually when I’m watching YouTube videos such as Saturday Night Live. Other times it’s when I’m watching television and they make a remark about politics. My experiences with humor occur normally when someone is telling a funny story and it actually makes me laugh. The other times of humor, and my personal favorite, is quick roasts and jabs at someone, like a friend. For example, when a group of you are talking and somebody says something and someone quickly responds with a low key jab at the person and everyone just yells “OOOOHHHHHHHHHHH”! That’s the best kind of humor. My two favorite types of humor or Hyperbolic and Situational. Hyperbolic is more when someone is telling a funny story and they are very excited and dramatic when telling their story. Situational is more like the roasts that I mentioned before. I know absolutely nothing about Mark Twain and his writing honestly. The only thing I know is that he wrote some dark stuff and he had a terrible life. One thing interesting about him is he was born in Florida, Missouri. He was born in two states at the same time, crazy.

Vertigo Blog

My reaction to Vertigo after completing about half the movie is it is crazy. For being an older movie, it is really good in my opinion. It’s like a good mystery but it has action and a story behind it. Also, McGarry’s comment about how the ending made him angry has me very curious as to how it ends. I think the ending will either be, Madeline dies anyway, Scottie also becomes possessed, Madeline kills Scottie, or Midge becomes possessed. I liked the scenes where they zoom in while pulling the camera back because it adds a lot of effect to the situation. One thing that has me curious is the beginning. It showed a girl, who I assume was Madeline, and her eyes were calm and they then became larger and she looked scared or frightened so I wonder if that has anything to do with the rest of the movie. Scottie has Midge in friend zone too which has me baffled because I mean she seems pretty attractive in my opinion. It’s just a movie though so it obviously is that way for a reason but I’m not sure what it is. I didn’t like however how Madeline can just snap out of hypnosis at any random point and she still knows where she is (except for in the woods I think). Also I am very curious about what is going to happen when Scottie takes her to the Spanish Church because McGarry said something about it and he made it seem like that was an important part of the movie. I think the film is successful in its premise so far because I’m enjoying it and i really want to finish watching it. My blog has to be 300 words and I’m not there yet and I haven’t really rambled at all so I’m going to quick just to meet the word count. Alright we’re all good.

Blog 18

My reaction to the poem after discussing each section is I hate it. I have said previously how I hate poetry because its so hard to understand. This poem is the toughest one I’ve ever read. Literally every single line has a meaning buried within it that is so difficult to understand. Why can’t poems just be straightforward? The most interesting section other than my own in my opinion was section one. I believe this because it is the section that basically gives you the idea of the rest of the poem. It talks about how he believes he is no better than anyone else, everybody is connected through the over soul, and he is a single piece throughout all of society. Some specific parts of the poem that reflect society today is when he talks about the talkers talking. He says how they talk of the past and future but never the present. And the same goes on today. People say things like “oh remember when this happened” or “remember when we did this” .Or they talk about the future and say “I want to do this when I’m older”. But people never talk about the present and say things like “right now *this is happening*” or something like that. Some questions I have about the poem is, why is this one of the most influential poems? And why does he have to make the poem so complicated to read and understand? Also when he is talking to god, did he actually believe god was talking to him or was he just writing that. I would rate this poem with a 7/10. The poem is very intelligently written and in my opinion its more of an art. But it is just so confusing and always hard to interpret. Can we please be done with transcendentalism now?

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