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I thought this year went pretty well. After going through Freshman and Sophomore year and hearing all the complaints of McGarry this and McGarry that, I expected things to be much worse. I had almost all of my major classes in the morning which left my afternoons to relax a little bit and not be stressed out all day. I had no problem getting all of my work done for all of my classes, even after suffering an injury that put me out for 3 weeks. The things that I did struggle with though, were the pre-calc tests and quizzes. I am quite possibly the worst math student ever so it was a challenge for me. In Literature, I think the best assignments we did were the blogs. They were consistent, easy points, that didn’t take long to finish. I think the worst assignments we did this year was anything having to do with poetry because I hate poetry with a burning passion. One way you could improve the class would be to not do anymore sound and sense questions because those also sucked. On a scale of good to amazing, I’ll give you an excellent because clearly you know what you are talking about when it comes to all of the stories and poems we’ve talked about throughout the year. My goals for next year are to try and keep all of my grades above 90’s, which has been my goal the past 3 years. I’ve mostly succeeded in that as well. I am taking college courses next year so I won’t have to be at school until 12 o’clock everyday so that’s pretty nice. I’m trying to get a co-op so that Tuesday and Thursday when I don’t have classes I won’t be sitting in study hall for 5 hours. But our guidance counselors seem to have a really tough time figuring my schedule out. I don’t think its that complicated but whatever. Between now and graduation, I’m going to try and have as much fun as possible and do as much stupid stuff as I can with my friends (mostly happening after 11pm and no, I’m not talking about party’s). I don’t really expect myself to try and prepare myself for the real world because you never know whats going to happen. I will just go with the flow and whatever happens, happens. Peace out McGarry, it’s been Lit (no pun intended)

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