Blog 24

My thoughts about the novel as a whole are kind of two-sided. I think the book was very well written in the beginning but towards the end it became a little too far fetched to be believable. My favorite kind of books are realistic fiction so when the book started getting unrealistic I began to lose interest. I do think it was better then expected because the seniors told me how bad it was and everything but I actually enjoyed it. I do think the book accomplished its job of explaining the themes because McGarry apparently understands all of them so they must be present somewhere. I have no idea about any of the themes but that might be just me. It’s is a far more advanced read then most of the other books I have read but it wasn’t too hard to read. The hardest part was trying to understand what Jim was saying. I didn’t really like the end of the book because it was kind of uneventful and had full closure. If I were to change it, I would have made the ending much more suspenseful and said how Huck and Tom headed out west and maybe only Tom returned or something along those lines. I think the most important things for modern people to take away from this novel is how to never trust anyone with everything because some people will keep things from you and use you for their enjoyment. Like how Jim kept the death of Huck’s father from him for so long and how Tom Sawyer used Huck for his enjoyment of freeing Jim even though he was free the whole time. Yes, I do think the novel could still be applied to today because of the things I just explained before. Our Huck Finn project is going to be an Instagram page that shows the themes and explains the characters through pictures and captions. We picked this project because it’s a relatively simple project that will still effectively explain the purpose of the project. Our expectation is to get the grade that reflects what we [put into the project.

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