Blog 23

Chapter 30-33 were very important parts of this story. The most important part I think of these chapters is the fact that Huck hid the gold inside of the coffin. Although this part didn’t happen within chapters 30-33, I still think this is the most important part because if this never would have happened, nothing else would have happened the way it did if it wasn’t for this. One thing I think that is really important that happened within those chapters is the boy that told Huck where Jim was. Huck would’ve been blind in his hunt for Jim if it wasn’t for that boy. The new important characters that we meet are Aunt Sally and Uncle Silas. We learn that Aunt Sally is very friendly but we do see that she kind of has a dark side when it comes to black people. Uncle Silas we learn is kind of more laid back and easy going. We don’t learn much more about him other then he is a preacher on the side. I think the characters that have the furthest development are Tom and Huck because even after not seeing each other for so long and Tom thinking Huck was dead, they still were able to come up with an actual SMART plan. (even though Tom goes back to his old self) We know that the Phelps farm is littered with hounds. They also have a big yards and many barns and stuff to house their slaves/servants. I think the plot line is going more towards Tom and Huck getting in trouble for mischievous activities. My prediction for the end is Jim Tom and Huck all return back home and live out the rest of their lives.

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