Blog 22

My selected author is John Steinbeck. I picked this author because I have read one of his books before and he was able to keep me interested in the story unlike most authors. His primary form of work is novels but he is also known for some of his famous quotes. This impacted my decision of choosing this author because I enjoy reading on my own and for enjoyment so writing an essay on a few books that I will have to read will be very easy.  I think the three most interesting works by Steinbeck are Of Mice and Men, The Pearl and To a God Unknown. Something interesting about OF Mice and Men is how the book is used in 10th grade literature classes across the nation. Something I find interesting about The Pearl is how Kino believed his pearl was worth 50,000 pesos but the dealers would only offer him 1,000 pesos. Also instead of throwing the pearl into the ocean, why wouldn’t he just sell it for that 1,000? And something I find interesting about To A God Unknown is how the spring in the forest is considered sacred yet the townspeople are afraid of it. Why? I know nothing about the author’s life but I do know that he was born in the early 1900’s.

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