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Not even sure if I already wrote this blog or not but here we go I’ll do it anyways. Huck Finn, man what an exciting time to be alive. Okay so honestly, all I’ve heard about this is people complaining about it and all the work that you have to do with it and everything but I think I’ll enjoy it. So far I really like the book. I know I’m only about 40 pages in but hey it’s a start. Huck Finn honestly reminds me of me. Not his whole family situation but his actions. He likes to do things just because the Widow doesn’t want him to. Same way for me, especially growing up with three brothers. If mom and dad didn’t want us to do something, we probably would end up doing it. It was just fun and the rebellious feeling was almost like a drug. Some things I like are hoe Huck is a realist and understands how life really is because that’s how I am and i never really understood how people could see things differently. There isn’t really anything I dislike so far. The only thing would have to be the fact that MackinVia isn’t working and I don’t want to read on my phone because it hurts my eyes. Not sure how this is going to be 350 words so I’ll ramble a little bit. Not even sure who is going to read this but as you know I recently caught a baseball with my face which put a bit of a damper on my school/sports situation. I am out for 2 weeks at least and honestly, the biggest thing I’m worried about it pre-calc. We had a quiz Friday and literally maybe 3 people knew what they were doing and I am not one of them. I’m just hoping that Yates will excuse me from taking it since I will forget what little I do know by the time I come back to school. Anyway, I have a broken jaw, two broken cheek bones, a fractured right eye socket, my nose is completely shattered and disconnected from my skull, and my sinuses are collapsed. For them to reattach my nose to my skull they might have to shave my head and go through the top of my head so that’s really what I’m worried about. Alright that’s almost 400 words so I’m good.

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