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My experience with satire and humor are two pretty different things. Most of the experiences I have with satire is usually when I’m watching YouTube videos such as Saturday Night Live. Other times it’s when I’m watching television and they make a remark about politics. My experiences with humor occur normally when someone is telling a funny story and it actually makes me laugh. The other times of humor, and my personal favorite, is quick roasts and jabs at someone, like a friend. For example, when a group of you are talking and somebody says something and someone quickly responds with a low key jab at the person and everyone just yells “OOOOHHHHHHHHHHH”! That’s the best kind of humor. My two favorite types of humor or Hyperbolic and Situational. Hyperbolic is more when someone is telling a funny story and they are very excited and dramatic when telling their story. Situational is more like the roasts that I mentioned before. I know absolutely nothing about Mark Twain and his writing honestly. The only thing I know is that he wrote some dark stuff and he had a terrible life. One thing interesting about him is he was born in Florida, Missouri. He was born in two states at the same time, crazy.

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