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My reaction to Vertigo after completing about half the movie is it is crazy. For being an older movie, it is really good in my opinion. It’s like a good mystery but it has action and a story behind it. Also, McGarry’s comment about how the ending made him angry has me very curious as to how it ends. I think the ending will either be, Madeline dies anyway, Scottie also becomes possessed, Madeline kills Scottie, or Midge becomes possessed. I liked the scenes where they zoom in while pulling the camera back because it adds a lot of effect to the situation. One thing that has me curious is the beginning. It showed a girl, who I assume was Madeline, and her eyes were calm and they then became larger and she looked scared or frightened so I wonder if that has anything to do with the rest of the movie. Scottie has Midge in friend zone too which has me baffled because I mean she seems pretty attractive in my opinion. It’s just a movie though so it obviously is that way for a reason but I’m not sure what it is. I didn’t like however how Madeline can just snap out of hypnosis at any random point and she still knows where she is (except for in the woods I think). Also I am very curious about what is going to happen when Scottie takes her to the Spanish Church because McGarry said something about it and he made it seem like that was an important part of the movie. I think the film is successful in its premise so far because I’m enjoying it and i really want to finish watching it. My blog has to be 300 words and I’m not there yet and I haven’t really rambled at all so I’m going to quick just to meet the word count. Alright we’re all good.

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