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My reaction to the poem after discussing each section is I hate it. I have said previously how I hate poetry because its so hard to understand. This poem is the toughest one I’ve ever read. Literally every single line has a meaning buried within it that is so difficult to understand. Why can’t poems just be straightforward? The most interesting section other than my own in my opinion was section one. I believe this because it is the section that basically gives you the idea of the rest of the poem. It talks about how he believes he is no better than anyone else, everybody is connected through the over soul, and he is a single piece throughout all of society. Some specific parts of the poem that reflect society today is when he talks about the talkers talking. He says how they talk of the past and future but never the present. And the same goes on today. People say things like “oh remember when this happened” or “remember when we did this” .Or they talk about the future and say “I want to do this when I’m older”. But people never talk about the present and say things like “right now *this is happening*” or something like that. Some questions I have about the poem is, why is this one of the most influential poems? And why does he have to make the poem so complicated to read and understand? Also when he is talking to god, did he actually believe god was talking to him or was he just writing that. I would rate this poem with a 7/10. The poem is very intelligently written and in my opinion its more of an art. But it is just so confusing and always hard to interpret. Can we please be done with transcendentalism now?

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