Blog 17

I do agree that the government is best which governs least. I think this because if the government just took a step back and dint have such a huge say in things, people would be able to live there lives more to the way they want to live them. The role of the government is to promote the general welfare. The government fulfills this function in many different ways, including monitoring the economy, businesses, and banks; maintaining the postal service, education system, roads, and public utilities like water, sewer, and electricity; regulating the safety of food and medicine. The governments role in relation to an individual citizen, in my opinion, is to ensure their safety and well-being. I think a Monarchy or a type of government with 1 person in charge, would be the government that would most likely command your respect. I think this because if one person is in charge and you disrespect them, they have the power to do whatever they want to you. In a few places with governments like this, if you don’t give them your respect, you may be sent to prison or even killed. The role of civil disobedience today is to create awareness. People are rioting and things like that to raise awareness about a topic. Many times it turns to violence which draws more attention. People may turn to looting and rioting which stirs up coverage from news stations which gives them even more publicity. I think it’s wrong and everyone doing it should be punished but people still do it to create awareness. It is still effective today because when they do these things like looting stores and stirring up violence, they get the coverage they want and they have people hearing about whatever it is they are protesting. So it is effective still today.

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