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Okay, I am going to come right and just say right now that I hate this poem and everything about it. I could easily do 350 words on my initial reaction to the poem because I have so many problems with it. It is without a doubt one of the most, if not the most, confusing poems I’ve ever read. Literally, I have read the poem like 4 times and the footnotes like 6 times and I still only understand the poem about as much as I understand girls. I don’t. Also the poem is like 78 or 3 pages I can’t remember but it’s way too long! Like I told McGarry, this poem is probably super deep and meaningful in some hidden type of way and I’m just too stupid to understand it. Or maybe the poem just sucks all around. (In my opinion, don’t take offense McGarry) Alright, I got that out of my system. Now I feel better. I have literally 1000 questions about this poem as well. Why? Why are you torturing us with this super confusing poem? Why do we have to do poetry in the first place? Why does the poem talk about bears and mermaids and all other kinds or random stuff? Why did you choose to write a poem that is impossible to decipher? I think this poem is about life. The beginning is some philosophical stuff that makes no sense. Then towards the middle it’s talking about being on a stage. That stage is life…maybe? And you are performing. You are doing whatever you want with your life. And then BOOM, BEAR! The bear means death. Death is chasing you around and you are bound by fate to get tired and the bear will eventually catch up to you. Then the person in the poem is hoping to go to heaven and figure out the purpose behind everything and it turns out that heaven isn’t real and he spends the rest of his time searching for an answer and the mermaids are singing, but none to him. Meaning that nobody will give him answers. Eventually he realizes that everything he has ever believed in, was a lie. The allusions like “Thoreau’s quiet desperation” and “dynamo of light” are important because they add more meaning and depth to the poem. They also make it more philosophical which makes the poem harder to understand.