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“Reaching for the phone, he knew”. This six word short story by Jeremiah Penn was the story I picked for my short story. I chose this because I wanted to do a deep, dark, and emotional story because in my opinion, they make for a better read. I personally enjoy reading stories that aren’t always happy. This short story made a perfect fit my what i wanted to write about and it influenced the actual topic of my story. The basic idea of my short story is pretty simple. There is a husband and a wife and the wife is battling cancer. The wife is in another state far off while the husband stays in New York where they live. The husband isn’t expecting anything to happen to his wife anytime soon which is why he isn’t staying with her. Unexpectedly, he receives a call saying his wife is going in and out of consciousness and she may not make it much longer. The husband becomes very upset and depressed and is kind of dazed due to the news. After a while of trying to make calls of figure out if she is okay, his phone rings. At this moment in the story is where I use Jeremiah’s short story and write “Reaching for the phone, he knew”. The call is from the hospital and they are calling to confirm his wife’s death. The husband loses himself and begins wandering around New York blindly and he wanders onto a bridge and “falls off” without thought. Once I read the short story by Jeremiah, this idea for the story was the first thing to come into my head and I liked the idea of it. My concept of the story and the characters did change a little bit from when I first thought of the story to now. Before, I had a specific idea of the story in my head but it was very generic and simple. After doing character and setting development, I got a better understand of the characters themselves and how they would act in the specific situation they are in, which makes the story deeper and more relatable to the reader.

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How To Melt Eyelashes and Singe Nose Hairs

Hour 1

Its 6AM, the bags are packed, trucks are filled with gas, ammunition has been stocked, fishing poles are loaded in the back, the Hock boys are ready to roll. Wyoming 2017 was only 1800 miles and a 28 hour car ride away. We’ve been prepping for weeks. Sighting in guns, buying new clothes, sharpening the knives, everything you can think of was ready to go. I personally have never been to Wyoming but I was beyond excited.

Hour 2 

We’ve been on the road for almost an hour and so far so good. I’ve slept a little bit of the ride and everybody was pretty quiet. Nothing to complain about.

Hour 4 

We finally reached Ohio and it was time to stop for breakfast. Olive Garden for breakfast at 10 in the morning? Oh well, I’m not paying. A few honey barbecue boneless wings and a few brew pub pretzels later and we were back on the road. Ah yes, three young men packed in a small truck with full stomachs. Only good can come from that, right?

Hour 6 

Please, please, please oh God I’m begging you! Get me out of this car! Our breakfasts have finally settled and toxic gas is being sprayed left and right. And if things couldn’t get any worse! Colton locked the windows so I’m trapped in the fume filled car and oxygen is running low. I try to listen to music and look for animals outside to keep my mind away from the god awful stench residing in the car.

Hour 12

We haven’t passed a bathroom in 4 hours. Empty water bottles are getting refilled by the hour…and not by water.

Hour 14

Rations are running low. Our packed sandwiches and buy one get one free Trolli gummi worms are gone. All that remains is the carrots mom packed for us.

Hour 16

Its 10 PM. We’ve officially played the alphabet game 11 times and found cars with the license plate of each state…twice.

Hour 17

After dong nothing all day, my eyes are finally starting to get droopy and my blinks are becoming heavier. It is considered my duty to try and keep Logan awake throughout the night. We made a quick stop for gas and honestly I was feeling pretty nervous about Logan falling asleep at the wheel. Logan quickly ran into the gas station, bought 3 red bulls, started blaring “I Ain’t Gunna Die Tonight” by Macklemore on the radio and hit the road. I fell asleep much better after that.

Hour 28

I have finally awoken to the sweet smell of Sage brush and stinky Antelope. Here we go! I have to remember to buy some nose plugs before we leave to make the drive back a little more enjoyable.

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