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Have you ever been chased by dinosaurs through a parallel universe? me neither but I just so happen to know someone who does. Dr. Rick Marshall. The theme of the movie “Land of the Lost” is that regardless of all the obstacles in life, you should keep pushing forward until you’ve reached your goal. The theme in this movie is repeatedly shown throughout the entire movie.

The movie takes place mainly in a parallel universe that Rick Marshall and his group are sent to after falling through a portal in the back of a mysterious cave. But the beginning and the end take place In California and on a televised interview with Matt Lauer. In the beginning, Rick is being interviewed by Matt Lauer about quantum paleontology which is traveling to other places in order to obtain fossil fuels. In the interview, Rick is told that Steven Hawking called his work “nonsense”. Even though Rick had many critics including Steven Hawking, he continued his research and was able to make it to the other world where he planned on going. Another part of the movie that resolves around the theme is that once Rick and his group are in the parallel universe, they need to find a device called a tachyon amplifier, in order to get them safely back to civilization. After being chased into a cave by a dinosaur they call “Tiny”, Rick must face a decision. Go out and search for the device among all the animals or stay and starve in the cave. Rick decides to leave the cave to find the device.

Later on in the movie, Rick and his group are finally able to kill a dinosaur and inside they find the tachyon amplifier. Just about when Rick was going to pick it up, a Pterodactyl swoops down, picks it up, and carries it many miles away to the top of a volcano. After lots of complications, the group decides to make the hike up the volcano to get back the tachyon amplifier. After getting the amplifier back, the group, after some complications, are finally able to return to Earth and none of it would have been possible if Rick and his group didn’t push themselves to achieve their goals regardless of the circumstances.

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