My Week

My first week of school was decent. The week went by very slowly even though we started on Tuesday. I like my schedule for this school year except I’m not with my hardly any of my friends for a few classes. A good thing that happened the first week of school was seeing some of my friends who I hadn’t seen much during the summer.  A bad thing that happened the first week of school is the realization that hit me, that we were back in school and it was time to start waking up early again and doing homework. Something that surprised me lately was that McGarry hasn’t been starting me over Kiernan during our soccer scrimmages because I think we can agree that the whole team knows that I am a much better player then him in every aspect of the game. I actually scored yesterday in practice, which not only surprised me, but probably everybody. So hopefully I will consistently start to receive D1 letters in the mail soon. One thing that I learned about one of my classmates was that Emaley has had a much more successful acting career then I ever would have imagined. I knew before that she acted in plays and such but never did I think that she was performing all across he world. My favorite TV show Episode is Criminal Minds Season 6 Episode 24. This is the episode called “Lauren” and it is where Prentiss, who is one of the main characters, supposeldy gets killed by a man named Ian Doyle who is a guy Prentiss had relations with in the past. The team proceeds to bury her body during a funeral. Although at the end of the episode, we see a girl who looks like Prentiss from behind, but we never see her face. The girl is in Paris receiving an envelope from a person who simply says “Good luck”. In the season 7 premiere, we come to find that she actually was still alive.

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