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Ben Moore

Ar Book review

Throughout the course of the past few weeks I finally completed my first book called The Maze Runner. Overall I thought this was a pretty decent book but I thought it was awfully close in comparison to the hunger games. Still I didn’t think the hunger games were bad books, but it seems kind of like a “rip off” of that series. Personally, I don’t blame the author because the hunger games sold a lot of books, but you can still tell the author, James Dashner, was following somewhere along those lines when creating these books.

I think this book is similar to the hunger games because it is a bunch of kids whose lives are in serious danger. These kids are put in a situation where every single person to go through it before have died, but these kids are the ones who are changing that. The book is also is played out as somewhat of a “game” where these kids have been put into this life or death situation by another person on purpose, for an experiment. The kids are fighting for survival every day and the kids seem to act much older than their age, as you would expect being put in this situation for a long period of time. This just makes the situation that much more dramatic and causes more drama throughout the story, which is exactly what the author wants, but it is all too similar to the hunger games. (At least in my opinion).  It also has the whole romance situation where there are two people who like each other and try to help each other out more than the other characters in the book. This is another reason I think it is similar because a couple is fighting a life or death situation day to day, similar to what happens in the hunger games.

With all of this being said, this book still did have a very intriguing plot, yes it was similar to the hunger games but it was definitely unique in some ways. Having to go through the maze,  having no memory of anything else really and having the kids work together instead of alone and trying to kill each other, adds a unique spin to the story, different to what the hunger games had. In this story, the kids don’t know what they are going back to, unlike the hunger games where they knew (and we did too) exactly what they were losing if they didn’t make it out alive. I think the fact that you know exactly what your losing makes the situation a lot scarier, because like some of these kids said in the Maze Runner, they didn’t know what it was like in the outside world. They have no memory of what they are going back to, assuming  that they are getting out of the maze.

Now at the end of the story, you do find out that the outside world is in chaos and a solar flare has killed tons of people and people are living a rough life, but I think that is what the next book in the series is going to be about and I plan on reading it because even though I don’t really like reading books, I did find some excitement in this one and I hope the next has some as well.

On a different note, the book makes it a little scarier for me compared to adults since the characters are kids and their thinking, or reasoning would be similar to what I (or other kids) would think because obviously I too am not an adult. I think this is a big reason why I would appreciate this book more than others and I think the author knew that too, and sort of targeted kids of my age group when writing the book.

So overall, I thought this book was intriguing. Even though it was similar to the Hunger Games it was still good. I liked the hunger games books too, so I wasn’t very surprised when I found myself liking this book. It is left wide open for a sequel and it is already out, so I will most likely move on in this series and keep reading because this book caught my attention.

Short Story

For my short story I chose the 6 word story “Nothing will ever grow there, ever again.” I decided to choose this story because an idea immediately hit me after looking at it, or I should say a general idea hit me. I’ve hopped back and forth between a few similar ideas but I have a general outcome I am working towards. My idea is to have a big chemical factory be built on my main characters farm, but through eminent domain (where a company gets approval from the government to legally take land if it is for the better of the general population) and have these people traveling roads through his farm and eventually one truck blows up to destroy many acres of land. I also want to create the idea of no one knows what is really going on, for example nobody has the power to really help the main character because they are too low in the company to give out information.

My idea came from an event sort of similar to what happened to me. A few months ago a big company had contacted my family and said they were putting a big pipeline through our property, it wasn’t such a big deal but I remember long conversations my dad had with employees that were coming to our house to negotiate terms and none of them seemed to have the power to say or do anything. They would all say that they needed permission from supervisors or a higher up ranking to say certain information that my Dad was looking for. Overall, it was a frustrating time but it all worked out in the end.  The company did end up receiving eminent domain which gave them the power to just take the ground, but it was resolved before it got to that point. Now nothing happened to the pipeline. as it hasn’t even been built yet, but it blowing up is a possibility and seeing this 6 word short story reminded me of this situation. The chances of anything going wrong is slim to none, but who wants to read about a story where nothing happens?

At first, my story intended to not even have an antagonist besides the company  who is putting in this factory. Later on through being asked questions, I thought it would make the story more interesting if the owner of this company was involved and he was a very obnoxious person. I thought in doing this it would make the story a little more interesting, I don’t plan on having him be very relevant to the story because I don’t want to stray too far away from my original idea, but I think doing this would only improve my story.

Fair Story

The first few weeks of school has flew by and it’s already fair week. Overall, it was a pretty exciting week so it’s hard to pick one story to tell. I had planned on going to the fair all week but late Friday night I received a text asking if I wanted to go to New York on a salmon fishing trip. There were four of us which included: my brother, his friend Bobby, Nathan and I.  I decided to go and we ended up leaving at 2 am Saturday morning.

Image result for fat nancys pulaski ny

We arrived in New York at 5:30 am and grabbed a few last minute supplies we needed. In first creek we tried, we didn’t have too much luck and it was very crowded. We were there for a few hours and hadn’t even hooked into a fish, none the less reeling one in. We set off to our next creek and arrived at around 11:00 am. This is where the fun was at, we immediately went to a certain hole in the creek that had about 15 salmon it. We were the only ones there so we had a good opportunity to catch some fish, most people weren’t even seeing any. We were at this hole for hours and just couldn’t get these fish reeled in. We hooked into numerous ones and every time we did, the fish would swim under this one log that lied in the middle of the hole and it would snap our line. We started burning through our supplies because we were breaking off so many times. So after a few hours, we decided that these fish weren’t able to be caught, and took a walk down stream. We only saw one fish and figured our chances would be much better if we could figure out a way to get the fish out of the previous spot we were at. We started speculating and came up with the idea of trying to hook these fish twice. For those of you who don’t know, salmon don’t actually bite on your line so you have to snag them (drag your hook across them and catch them). So with this idea, we figured we could keep the fish away from this log in the creek. Shortly after returning I had hooked into a fish and luckily Bobby had quickly hooked into the same fish before it could go under the log and break my line. With two hooks in the fish we could control where the fish moved and got him onto the bank to officially catch our first fish of the day. We were all very excited and this boosted our confidence. By this time it was almost 3:00 and we were all very tired and hungry. We hadn’t eaten anything all day and some of us never went to sleep the night before, so this fish boosted our mood greatly.

We fished for a little longer and ended up catching another fish by just pure luck, we couldn’t manage to get a second hook in it and by pure luck Bobby managed to bring this fish in, but that is a story for another time, as it was a very long process. We left to go get some food at around 4:00 pm and this concluded our day. So as a lesson to take away from this day would definitely be teamwork. Without at least one more person we wouldn’t have even caught a fish (trust me the second fish caught needed all of us to bring it in). Together we solved our problems and completed the goal for the day, to catch some fish!Image result for salmon river

Defending Theme Blog

Forrest Gump was a very unique story that had many conflicts throughout the story. The theme of Forrest Gump would be to follow your dreams. This theme is shown through Forrest when he talks to Jenny a few times about moving back in with him back in Greenbow Alabama.

The theme in Forrest Gump was revealed through the setting. One way the setting helped reveal the theme was the time of the events that took place. Forrest had wanted to be with Jenny since he was a little kid and throughout all the stories he told, years had passed and he still wanted the same thing by the end of the story. He did end up getting wanted he wanted all along , so with this being said, he followed his dreams and he achieved that in the end. My point being, Forrest’s dream was to be with Jenny and this story pretty much told his entire life, and in his entire life all he wanted was Jenny. It was his dream to be with her and he made that happen.

The setting is also revealed through the main character, Forrest. Forrest had made up his mind that he loved Jenny since the very first time he met her. In the entire story he mentions thinking about Jenny. She was always on his mind and through persistence and determination, he got what he wanted in the end of the story. For example, Forrest wrote many letters to Jenny while in the army, tried to visit her as much as possible, and his whole run had been about Jenny. There were some instances when Forrest tried to defend Jenny, at one time he beat up somebody because he had hit Jenny and another time he beat some people up while Jenny was singing on a stage because they were being rude.  Forrest would give anything in the world to be with Jenny  and at some times it seemed like he would never be able to. Forrest had even asked Jenny to marry him and she said no, but he never gave up.

Forrest always followed his dreams throughout the entire story and this was portrayed through both the setting and Forrest’s character.

Second week

So with my second week of school of Mr. McGarry’s class, we went over a lot of notes. There were a lot of notes but a lot of the terms were familiar. At first looking at the document I was a little concerned, but after looking deeper I discovered there wasn’t a whole lot of new content. Some of the things I have heard about before but never really went in depth like Mr. McGarry did. For example I picked up on a few things about revealing characters, and ways you can through the setting. One specific term I could say I learned would be catharsis. Overall, I don’t really think that these notes will change the way I look at a story, maybe some minor things like paying more attention to the setting more often.

One thing I would like to mention is Aristotle’s Ethical Imperative. this in particular doesn’t add to my understanding of the story, but I think it is very interesting how the public’s interest in stories has stayed the same. (in some situations). There are some stories that seem to try to drive you as far away as possible from your starting emotional level, but that’s usually only with squeals.  For example, in Breaking bad the story starts out with Walt being diagnosed with terminal cancer and from the sound of it, it seems like he doesn’t have long to live. In the end, Walter dies, now it is much more exciting than the first episode and it wasn’t from his cancer but still you are returned to that same emotional level as you were when you started off. I find it interesting that Breaking Bad was one of top rated TV shows and it follows Aristotle’s Ethical Imperative principal and it was still popular hundreds of years later.

A quick note on my second week of school; overall my second week was not as bad as I had expected. It felt like it went by a lot quicker than I had expected. I even had two tests that I thought were going to be a lot harder than they were and I have come to realize the stress was not needed.  Still I had to be here again this week so it was worse than any other week of the summer, but I got through it.Image result for back to school

My First Week of School

My first week of school wasn’t too bad, as far as school goes. The fact of actually being here makes it awful, but looking past that, my classes seemed to be descent. I have a few friends in almost every class I’m taking so that makes it a little better. There are some classes that I feel are going to be a little challenging, but it shouldn’t be too bad. As far as surprises go, I wasn’t really (at least so far).  The only new adjustment really is my one mechanical drawing class, it seems like it is going to be a little difficult because I have never done anything like it in my entire life. However, with a little effort I think I will be fine.

One thing I learned from my classmates presentations is what the word equestrian means. It is a club in college that has to do with horseback riding. I found this interesting because it is something new I leaned without being taught by a teacher, it was just sort of stumbled upon by a classmate.

My absolute favorite story would have to be Breaking Bad. This is by far my favorite because it has such a unique and story line. The most interesting part I found from this story is that even though you know all of the bad things that Walter had done, you are still routing for him in the end. Realistically I would think of this man as an absolute horrible person, but for some reason, I find myself routing for him to do well. This man is a murderer, and he cooks meth, but the entire audience is hoping that he doesn’t die (for a lack of a better term). Not only was it just this, but there was also the right balance of action that kept you hooked on the show.