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Ben Moore

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Throughout the course of the past few weeks I finally completed my first book called The Maze Runner. Overall I thought this was a pretty decent book but I thought it was awfully close in comparison to the hunger games. Still I didn’t think the hunger games were bad books, but it seems kind of like a “rip off” of that series. Personally, I don’t blame the author because the hunger games sold a lot of books, but you can still tell the author, James Dashner, was following somewhere along those lines when creating these books.

I think this book is similar to the hunger games because it is a bunch of kids whose lives are in serious danger. These kids are put in a situation where every single person to go through it before have died, but these kids are the ones who are changing that. The book is also is played out as somewhat of a “game” where these kids have been put into this life or death situation by another person on purpose, for an experiment. The kids are fighting for survival every day and the kids seem to act much older than their age, as you would expect being put in this situation for a long period of time. This just makes the situation that much more dramatic and causes more drama throughout the story, which is exactly what the author wants, but it is all too similar to the hunger games. (At least in my opinion).  It also has the whole romance situation where there are two people who like each other and try to help each other out more than the other characters in the book. This is another reason I think it is similar because a couple is fighting a life or death situation day to day, similar to what happens in the hunger games.

With all of this being said, this book still did have a very intriguing plot, yes it was similar to the hunger games but it was definitely unique in some ways. Having to go through the maze,  having no memory of anything else really and having the kids work together instead of alone and trying to kill each other, adds a unique spin to the story, different to what the hunger games had. In this story, the kids don’t know what they are going back to, unlike the hunger games where they knew (and we did too) exactly what they were losing if they didn’t make it out alive. I think the fact that you know exactly what your losing makes the situation a lot scarier, because like some of these kids said in the Maze Runner, they didn’t know what it was like in the outside world. They have no memory of what they are going back to, assuming  that they are getting out of the maze.

Now at the end of the story, you do find out that the outside world is in chaos and a solar flare has killed tons of people and people are living a rough life, but I think that is what the next book in the series is going to be about and I plan on reading it because even though I don’t really like reading books, I did find some excitement in this one and I hope the next has some as well.

On a different note, the book makes it a little scarier for me compared to adults since the characters are kids and their thinking, or reasoning would be similar to what I (or other kids) would think because obviously I too am not an adult. I think this is a big reason why I would appreciate this book more than others and I think the author knew that too, and sort of targeted kids of my age group when writing the book.

So overall, I thought this book was intriguing. Even though it was similar to the Hunger Games it was still good. I liked the hunger games books too, so I wasn’t very surprised when I found myself liking this book. It is left wide open for a sequel and it is already out, so I will most likely move on in this series and keep reading because this book caught my attention.

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