I still have to do this

I always forget that a plot diagram is not really a perfect dome, it’s like an awkward mountain. This isn’t what my blog is going to be about, but it was just something interesting that I was reminded of. Milieu, the specific feeling of a specific people at a specific time. The setting is usually a very critical element in a story, and milieu helps further the setting.

A book I read years ago was called the book thief, it was about a preteen girl who was taken in by her foster parents during the holocaust in Germany. Her foster family takes in a Jewish man named Max, and the entire story is told by death. In the book, society, and mainly the Nazi party, felt hatred towards Jewish people, as everyone knows. Also, books were banned and burned. The main character, Liesel, was fascinated by books, and bonded with Max through the love of words. Milieu is very influential throughout the story. When I read the book for the first time, when i was much younger, I didn’t fully know the feelings society, in Germany and many other countries, was experiencing.

Liesel stole books from book burnings, and even the wife of the mayor. I couldn’t understand why reading was such a taboo under the Nazi regime. She was essentially going against the government, but I never really thought about it like that until we had milieu in our notes. Consciously I didn’t connect the feelings of people at that time to what Liesel was doing, between stealing books, and befriending Max, Liesel was accidentally rebelling against those in power at that time. Thinking back to when I read that book, and knowing now how milieu can shape a story, I see Liesel as more mature and defiant character.

Week 2 was much better than week 1. The first few days I was a nervous wreck, but by week 2 I got back into the swing of things. I enjoy all my classes, and now that we’ve gotten past all the intros in each class, which by the way are mind numbing, I’ve gotten back into the swing of things. But I still hate Mondays.


I had to write this

My first week of Junior year went well. I was absolutely terrified for school this year. My nerves just kept building and I got into my own head, telling myself this year was not going to be good. In reality I enjoyed school, all my classes are challenging but interesting, honestly I had nothing to worry about. I made some new friends, but besides that nothing really happened. The first week was uneventful, and maybe at some points it was even boring. Then again the dress code has changed a bit, so ripped jeans and short shorts are allowed. I was surprised that school was fun, even though I have always liked school.

Something that I learned about my classmates is that a lot of them like the TV show Bones.

Last year I read a book called ‘The Weight of Feathers’. The story was like a suicide free Romeo and Juliet except there was no love at first sight, it was actually realistic. The book follows Lace Paloma and Cluck(nickname) Corbeau, they are from rivaling families, who are traveling performers. Lace is kicked out of her family for accidentally befriending Cluck, so she leaves and falls into the residence of the Corbeau family. Being skilled in makeup design, they hire her, unaware she is a Paloma. As the story unfolds, Lace and Cluck begin to see that the feud between their families are pointless. I love the inclusion of Spanish, and French in the story, and the development of characters, and the plot twists.

Also I watched this amazing episode of Supernatural called Yellow Fever. It was about a ghost fever that makes people afraid of everything until they die from fear. One of the main characters was affected and he almost died. In the one scene he was afraid of a cat that jumped at him. I only added this part so I could include a funny cat picture, and I wanted it to relate to what I was saying somehow.

Girl on the Train

Title: The Girl on the Train        Author:  Paula Hawkins        Genre: Psychological thriller       Date published:  January 6, 2015

This book was highly recommended by everyone I talked to about the book. The way the author split the book into different viewpoints made reading it very interesting.   The style of writing distinguished each character as the book went along.  I never would have guessed the ending.

The book is about a divorced alcoholic woman named Rachel Watson. Everyday she rides the train to work, along the way she watches a “perfect couple”, Jess and Jason. One day Rachel sees Jess(real name Megan Hipwell) kissing another man, not her husband Scott Hipwell (Jason) . A few days later Megan Hipwell goes missing. Rachel gets caught up in a huge mess, because she was seen near Megan’s home the night she disappeared. Rachel does not remember this though because she drank and blacked out which happens frequently. Rachel was in the area because Megan and Scott happen to live near Rachel’s ex husband Tom Watson, who cheated on Rachel with his now wife Anna Watson, whom Rachel harasses because she doesn’t want to accept the divorce. Because of many instances of harassment, stalking and violence, the police believe Rachel is involved with Megan’s disappearance.

The book was well written and made an impact. The way you can’t trust what your reading makes the book mess with your mind. The plot was very well established, and the characters were well defined.

This book is often compared to Gone Girl

This book has a theme of don’t trust what you cannot see.

I loved this book, and i would completely recommend it. This book is psychologically challenging, and takes you down a road that is dark and unsure.


Season of the Witch

Title: Season of the Witch     Author: Natasha Mostert     Genre: Fiction, Horror, Suspense     Date Published: January 1998

When reading this book, the beginning was slow to pull me in, but once I was, it was hard to put it down. The writing was captivating and the characters were well developed, and the plot was bold, different and innovative.

The story follows Gabriel Blackstone, a man who is a hacker, has a special ability and who has been involved in some pretty heavy things. When his old girlfriend, now married to another man, asks Gabriel to find her stepson, he is pulled into the world of two beautiful sisters who are hiding secrets of alchemy and memories. Throughout the story, secrets grow into a twisted thicket of confusion and deception, hurting all those that happened to be tangled within it.

The characters were given thorough backgrounds and were very well rounded. There were no plot holes, and the story line kept progressing  and never failed to interest. The books writing was advanced and not repetitive.

This book is unlike any others that I have ever read, therefore I cannot compare it to others works.

This book implements magic and mystery, a common theme among popular books

This book, with all its magic, plot twists, and complex characters, is an amazing, strong written book, that i would very much recommend to mystery fanatics who would rather read than sleep for awhile.


Goals and expections

I never really saw the point of these assignments, they feel like empty promises you throw on a piece of paper just to finish in time to sit and relax, but still, i will do it, even though in the long run i wont be staring at these in the middle of the night telling myself i can do it, but they will stay in the back of my mind slightly influencing my decisions.

  1. pass each class with respectable grades
  2. join a club
  3. make this year a better experience than years previous
  4. have fun