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I am no expert on finding themes, and to be honest I might be completely off the mark here with what I thought the themes are, but I am going to support my answers as best I can. So for the first story, I though that the main theme of Disillusionment of 10 o’clock, is repression. Break free of boring life, in your dreams. “Disillusionment of Ten O’Clock” was written in 1915, so middle-class America was still holding on to the hopes that it could be the European middle class. It was all a bit stuffy, and Stevens was in the thick of it. What is being repressed here is imagination. it calls for the reader to be like the old sailor,  and dream of hunting tigers. Let loose, in other words. At least in your dreams, if nowhere else.The theme of the Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock is love and loneliness . It’s hard to tell whether Prufrock is really in love with the person he is talking to. He speaks about himself a lot, and he ignores her, or “us,” for most of the poem. Maybe he’s too shy to speak his mind, although “cowardly” seems more accurate. There are a couple of points where he almost overcomes his massive fear of rejection, especially when he is standing on top of the stairs and wondering, “Do I dare?” (line 38). But he’s so involved with self hatred that it seems the love he had for this women was rejected and now he feels like he is in hell, and wants to drown. Whatever it is, the feeling never goes anywhere, and Prufrock is left to drown with his would-be beloved in the deep, deep ocean. And the theme of the final poem, is the theme of death. Okay, so when I first read the story, I was horribly confused as to what in the world was going on. So the poem is about a man named anyone, and a woman named noone. No one. This is actually a very deep message. This entire poem is a possibility of what a life could be like. Everyone is anyone, and anyone is no one. We are a small part of a bigger whole and we live, we love, we grieve, and we die. This poem, while at first seemed kind of funny, is horribly sad. “One day anyone died i guess”. This line says a lot about our lives. We die, but it doesn’t matter too much. The world moves on. The season come, they go, and things change. A human life is but a blip in this world and things happen, but no one, not the girl, is no better than anyone. We all die, and we all share, and we are all the same.

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