A bittersweet ending; Blog 24

At some parts, the booked seem to be slow. Although, after the first few chapters, the story moved faster and I found it more interesting. I thought the book of Huck Finn would be way less interesting than it was. I was expecting something more along the lines of dry writing. Though I think the most note worthy part of Huckleberry Finn was the humanizing of a slave. Jim was written as an actual person, with actual feelings. It was amazing. He was an important character, and was the only true good
person in theĀ entirety of the book. I loved the character of Jim. I also loved that the book was basically about showing how slavery is terrible and makes fun of the huge racial issues in the Romantic South. So overall I have to say the book was way better than expected. I wish the character of Tom was different or just completely removed from all writing in general but that’s okay I guess. Jim is a free man, that’s all I wanted from the moment we started the book. I would say it did. I think a major theme was, something may be lawfully incorrect, but morally right. The struggle Huck has during the story highlights this. He doesn’t want to do the wrong thing, and since it’s illegal at this time to help slaves to freedom, he thought it was wrong. Even when he decides that he doesn’t care and will help Jim, he mentions that he’ll just go to hell. He is morally conflicted between following society and following his “heart” I guess you could say. Though as a modern reader we know what he is doing is good and correct. The book was way surprisingly not extremely different from previous works I’ve read. I mainly read modern works and they use satire as well. You can definitely tell what time period this book was written in based on the language used, but the provocativeness of the book definitely reminds me of modern authors style. I hate Tom. I’m so glad it turned out well for Jim, but I hate Tom and everything his character stands for and represents. Of course this is why Twain introduced him to us. To show how terrible Romanticist think and to make us hate it. If I could change anything, I would have had the bullet be poisoned and a few days after the end of the book, Tom dies. The world doesn’t need a person like him, not at all. Treat everyone with respect and don’t make your actions be self-serving and only revolve around you. Care about people, have empathy. The novel definitely applies to today. There are still racial tensions, and new tensions between religions, and sexes, and sexual orientation. As long as humanity is in existence, there will always be tensions between someone, and this book shows how terrible those tensions are by making fun of it. I am going to show important parts of the book from a variety of point-of-views in the book, possibly even the point-of-view from a modern reader or person. I think this will help to understand the themes in the book and how they apply to all time periods and people. I hope everything goes as plan, or even better.

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