The end is near; Blog 23

Huck tries to run away with Jim after the chaos with finding the gold in the coffin. The King and Duke make it back to the raft before they could leave. The Duke and the King fight about how the money ended up in the coffin. This ends in the Duke strangling the King, and the King confessing to hiding the money. The King and the Duke are angry about being broke and so they decide to to pull another con. They try several cons, none successful. In the end, the King sells Jim to Silas Phelps, a small farm owner and preacher. Huck debates on what to do about this, going back and forth in a mental dialogue. He finally decides that he doesn’t want Miss Watson the truth about him and Jim and decides that he wants to help Jim to freedom. In the end, Huck says it’s fine, he will go to hell. Huck goes to the farm to confront the Phelps. Although Aunt Sally believes Huck to be none other than her nephew Tom Sawyer. Fearing the truth about his identity coming out, Huck intercepts Tom before he gets to the house. Huck lays the truth out for Tom and asks if he would help Huck free Jim. Tom, going against everything we know about his character, agrees. We meet Silas and Sally Phelps. The aunt and uncle of Tom Sawyer. They are decent people, morally grey in the story. Tom Sawyer is developed in these chapters, much to my dismay. We see that he is not so high and moral as Huck previously thought, and is really just does things to please his inflated ego and broken sense of adventure. We also see the realist is Huck more. We know that the Phelps’ farm is a small cotton plantation and there are a few other slaves besides Jim. Twain is using it to keep Huck and Jim stationary, metaphorically and literally speaking. It’s Huck and Jim’s prison. I hope the ending will be a happy one. Although,knowing Twain, the ending will be infuriating. Perhaps it will end with Jim being freed. Or it will end with Tom doing something stupid without regards for how it will effect Huck and Jim. Maybe Tom will tell someone what Huck is planning and Huck will be hung for being an abolitionist and Jim will never see his family again. While Tom is off with a great story and is a “hero” in the eyes of society and my hate for Tom Sawyer will be forever burning.

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